How Long After Azithromycin Can You Drink Alcohol (And Why)?

How Long After Azithromycin Can You Drink Alcohol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 Hours

A lot of people are confused regarding the safety of consuming liquor after taking antibiotics like Azithromycin. This specific drug is mostly used to treat infections that hinder the normal breathing process. A lot of anti-bacterial drugs are known to cause a number of side effects in the human body.

As far as Azithromycin is concerned, it is a mild drug that has little or no side effects early on. Gradually, the constituting compounds are absorbed by the body and the inhibitors get on work. By inhibition, it means stopping any further multiplicity in the number of bacteria.

How Long After Azithromycin Can You Drink Alcohol

How Long After Azithromycin Can You Drink Alcohol?

One can safely drink alcohol at least a day or two after taking Azithromycin. The drug does not react vigorously with alcohol, but the mild reaction is sure to exaggerate the existing infection further. Certain side effects include vomiting and diarrhea.

Regular drinkers might be aware that these side effects are quite similar to what happens after drinking a more than normal amount of liquor. If the person is naturally highly prone to feeling nauseous, alcohol consumption should be postponed to a complete week or about ten days in case of bad health.

It is easy to make out the side effects of a single drug. If alcohol is combined with Azithromycin, the consequences might be difficult to differentiate. This is a bit gruesome because the doctor might be unable to recognize the ailment due to numerous similar side effects.

The normal side effects are caused due to the reliable bacteria-killing properties of Azithromycin. The working of this drug is quite quick and the infection cannot subsist for more than a week. That is exactly the same amount of time the drug takes to exit the body in its complete form.

The nauseous feeling results from irritation in the digestive tract. Such irritation is a result of interference in the production of good bacteria in the body, which aid in digestion by enhancing the speed of breaking down food. Liquor consumption might meddle with all these features to a considerable extent, making the person throw up constantly for a long time.

In Summary:

Health conditionsTime
Normal24 hours
Nauseous1 week

Why Can You Drink Alcohol So Long After Taking Azithromycin?

Recovery is hampered by drinking alcohol. A small amount is permissible as the concentration is not high enough to disturb the other mechanisms of the body. The duration of waiting varies due to the similarity in side effects of Azithromycin consumption and alcohol intake.

The antibiotic course does not last more than five days. In more severe cases, the general physician might advise continuing it for seven or ten days. This is a clear indication of the fact that the body has been dealing with foreign substances for quite a long duration of time.

Therefore, it is essential to stay mindful of the needs of the body and cut down on alcohol intake for some time. Other reasons to avoid drinking include the high expectancy of dizziness and headaches. As a matter of fact, people are advised to follow the same precautions after drinking alcohol and taking Azithromycin on a regular basis.

Such a scenario implies the necessity of increasing the gap. Though drinking might feel like an easy resort, the consequences might be a bit too negative for the body to handle. It is true that nothing fatal results due to the reaction between alcohol and the active components of this anti-microbial drug.

In case the person wishes to drink a small amount, the 24-hour limit should be strictly followed. If the guidelines are not adhered to, the concerned person might ultimately faint and need a lot of support in the days to follow.


Antibiotics and alcohol do not blend well at all. In case a person is ill and wishes to have a small amount of liquor for the purpose of relaxation, it is advisable to have a word with the concerned doctor. It becomes a lot easier if all the questions are answered well in advance.

Experienced people advise keeping at least a week’s gap if there is a party to be organized in the near future. Occasional drinking does not hurt a lot but excessive drinking can inhibit the medication itself. The side effects might be highly hazardous.


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