How Long After Oral Surgery Can You Drink Alcohol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Atleast 24 hours

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How Long After Oral Surgery Can You Drink Alcohol

How Long After Oral Surgery Can You Drink Alcohol?

Minimum24 hrs.
Maximum72 hrs.

Right after oral surgery, it is advised to take some precautions and measures to ensure faster healing. The precautions specially deal with the consumption of alcohol and smoking right after oral surgery. It is advised to abstain from alcohol and smoking till 48-72 hours of oral surgery. This can prove to be detrimental by interfering with the medicines.

This may even lead to a delay in the process of recovery. Hence, alcohol should abstain for at least 48-72 hours after surgery. Within the healing period, the affected tissues demand comparatively more amount of oxygen and nutrients. This is brought to them by the blood vessels present in the mouth.

Smoking during the healing period leads to the contraction of the blood vessels thereby cutting down the excess supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. This leads to delayed healing. Smoking right after an oral surgery may lead to inflammation in the tissues thereby leading to the destruction of the blood clot. This may interfere with the process of healing.

Such negative interactions are also observed when one consumes tobacco, alcohol or any such narcotic substance after oral surgery. These substances hurt the healing process. Consumption of alcohol right after an oral surgery may lead to the thinning of blood, thereby posing difficulties for the formation of a blood clot. It may even result in alveolitis.

Alcohol also reacts with the medicines prescribed after oral surgery. Hence, alcohol should not be taken until the surgery has healed completely. One needs to follow few steps to ensure that the recovery is completed within a short time period. The first of these precautions include an adequate amount of rest.

Why Should I Wait For So Long To Drink Alcohol After Oral Surgery?

On taking rest, one can help to reduce the amount of blood loss via bleeding. On maintaining a proper diet after surgery, one can ensure an accelerated healing process. An adequate amount of rest can also help to reduce swelling around the face and mouth. Application of ice around the affected swollen area may also reduce pain and swelling thereby accelerating the healing process.

Application of ice at least for about 15 minutes can be fruitful. Pain medications should be taken as and when prescribed. Skipping of doses should be avoided. Solid food consumption should be reduced. The consumption of liquid foods and soft foods should be increased. They reduce irritation of the affected area thereby reducing bleeding.

One should also ensure proper hygiene after oral surgery. Lack of hygiene may lead to complications due to infections thereby leading to a delayed recovery process. The mouth should not be rinsed after 24 hours of oral surgery. One should rinse the mouth at least 4 times a day after 2 days.

Lukewarm water, when used for rinsing can provide relief to the affected area. It also has antimicrobial effects which can keep germs and other microbes away from the affected area. One should take plenty of foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. This ensures a faster healing process. One can even go for supplements that strengthen teeth thereby providing nutrition to the affected portion.

There are some measures which should be taken. Some prohibited actions should not be performed. They may lead to unnecessary complications. One should not disobey the doctor and should follow their advice. The food and diet should be completed following the instructions given by the surgeon.


One should stay away from alcohol and smoking. Consumption of hot food items is prohibited. Hot foods and drinks may burn and inflame the affected area. This may cause further pain and complications.

Avoid food items that involve chewing. They may delay the healing process up to about 8 weeks. Brushing, mouthwash and flossing should be stopped around the affected area. If done, extra care should be taken and it should be done gently.

Consumption of alcohol should be avoided for at least 24 hours. Alcohol or any narcotic substance interferes not only with medicines but also with the formation of a clot, thereby delaying the healing process.

Some simple steps can ensure that the surgery heals faster and does not get complicated with infections. Once it is healed, one can go for the desired food items without giving a second thought.


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