How Long After Citizenship Interview Is Oath Ceremony (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within 45 Days

In the United States, getting citizenship for any immigrant is a long process. First, the applicant submits their documents and applies for citizenship in the United States. Afterward, a biometrics test and a citizenship interview are taken. However, even this is not the final step.

After clearing the interview, the applicant is asked to join an Oath Ceremony. Once the ceremony ends, they are given a certificate and declared a citizen of the United States. One may wonder how long after the Citizenship interview might be the oath ceremony in such a case.

How Long After Citizenship Interview Is Oath Ceremony

How Long After Citizenship Interview Is Oath Ceremony?

In the United States, to get citizenship, an applicant first, applies for citizenship while submitting the required documents. A form of Naturalization is filled by the applicant during this process. This form is filled by those green card holders who are eligible to apply for citizenship in the United States. The processing of this form takes a lot of time. On average, it takes a year or a little more than that for the processing of the form of Naturalization to end.

Afterward, the applicant submits their biometrics during the biometrics appointment. In a biometrics appointment, the applicant submits their biometrics, i.e., fingerprints, photograph, signature, other required documents. After submitting the required biometrical data, the applicant waits for the next round, a citizenship interview.

After a few months of submitting the biometrics, the applicant is called for the citizenship test and interview. Various questions are asked in the test and the interview. If the applicant clears the test as well as the interview and submitted all the documentation required properly, they are called for the oath ceremony within 45 days on average. At the earliest, the applicant is invited somewhere around 21 days.

If the applicant could not complete a test or interview or they may fail to submit the documents properly, then their application is further stalled for a few months. A letter or a mail is sent to the applicant informing them regarding what is lacking in their application and a time is given to fulfill it. Hence, the application goes forward.

Citizenship Interview
Scale Duration
Earliest21 days
AverageWithin 45 days

Why Does Oath Ceremony Happen After That Long After Citizenship Interview?

Getting citizenship is a long and hard process. It is just longer and harder in the United States than in most countries. Each step, from submitting the form to waiting for the oath ceremony takes months usually. However, it also depends on where an applicant is applying for citizenship. In some states of the United States, the waiting period after submitting the Naturalization may take less than 6 months, while in others, it may take more than 18 months too.

The waiting period for the citizenship interview is generally a few months as the documents of various applicants are checked and verified as many applicants apply for citizenship in the United States.

Afterward, once the interview and the test are done, the two are evaluated. According to the evaluation, the applicant is informed whether they passed or failed the citizenship test and the interview. Furthermore, the documents of the applicant are reverified and checked to make sure that there is no problem. Also, the criminal records and other records are checked to make sure that the applicant did not indulge in any illegal practices that may have caused any harm to any human or any property of the United States.

Oath Ceremony

This all process may consume weeks and henceforth the oath ceremony is delayed. If the applicant has everything cleared, they are invited to the oath ceremony, otherwise, the candidate is informed to fix the issue in their application. The applicant is given time to rectify their mistake and if they do it, the process continues and after verification, they are called for the oath ceremony.


Getting citizenship in a country is hard, it is harder in the United States. Each step takes months from around 1 month to around 12 months or more. Even when an applicant is done with every step, including the citizenship interview, they have to wait to receive an invitation for the oath ceremony.

Due to the evaluation of interviews and tests and constant verification of documents and records, it takes weeks for an applicant to receive their invitation to the oath ceremony. Once they attend the ceremony, they get a certification and are declared as the citizen to the United States.


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