How Long After Bleaching Hair Can I Dye It (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4-8 Weeks

Hair bleaching is done by most people where it is a process of lightening your hair. Hair bleaching is dyeing hair chemically which is responsible for stripping the color of your hair strands. The process begins with an alkaline agent that ultimately opens up the hair cuticle.

If you leave the agent for a longer period of time the lighter colored your hair becomes. However, bleaching of hair is bad for your hair because the chemicals present in it break your hair proteins and thus make them weak. Bleaching would cause some side effects like breakage, frizz, and dryness.

How Long After Bleaching Hair Can I Dye It

How Long After Bleaching Hair Can I Dye?

Dyeing hair after bleaching4-8 weeks
For most peopleWaiting 4-8 weeks is not necessary.

Most hair professionals would recommend that you should wait for at least 4-8 weeks after bleaching your hair before you dye it. But, if your hair is strong enough to handle dying once again then there is no need to wait for several weeks.

Some people also color their hair which can be tricky because the hair is lightened and is more porous. This means that the color would not respond to the dyes the same way virgin hair would. The chemicals present in the bleaching and coloring process could ultimately decline your overall hair quality.

There are several tutorial videos available on the internet for you to dye your hair from the comfort of your home. There should a process that you should follow for dyeing hair after bleaching it. you should know that dyeing hair after bleaching will not make your hair the same.

The bleaching process will break into the hair shaft and it destroys the pigment molecules giving you light hair at the end of the process. The dark pigment gets destroyed and during this process, the bleach has to break down the organic fatty acids on your shafts.

This is the reason why most hair professionals recommend people to wait for a few days or weeks before they decide to dye after completing their hair bleaching process.

Why Does It Take That Long To Color Hair After Bleaching Hair?

For most people bleaching process could be mild and due to that reason, dyeing hair should be postponed after bleaching it. But, for some people, this thing cannot be the same because their hair could still be strong and be capable to handle to dye hair.

Bleaching hair damages the hair follicles and dyeing hair will only worsen the condition of your hair. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why many hair professionals recommend not to dye hair soon after bleaching your hair.

Not all people have the same type of hair quality and this is the reason why if your hair is damaged then you need to take proper steps carefully for further process. Split ends can occur to most people after bleaching is done.

During this process, your hairdresser should recommend you cut off some amount of hair. However, on the other hand, if your hair does not feel too damaged you could use a deep conditioner to restore some amount of moisture so that you can prepare yourself for dyeing.

You have to stay cautious about using these kinds of things because you should know what things you are allergic to. If you are allergic to some of the components present in the chemical of the bleach then there is no need to continue to do the bleaching process.


In the end, you decide whether you want to bleach your hair or not and then dye it afterward. Remember, this process would only make your hair worse and weak but if you think you can do that then you should go for it.

Take advice from hair designers or from professionals because they will guide you through some of the main points that you could keep in mind. If you don’t think that you cannot do it on your own then take the help of a professional because there would be no mistake happening during the process.

In case there is serious damage occurred to your hair then make sure that you consult with a doctor who is an expert in that area. Follow some steps before moving forward and do it carefully.


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