How Long After Spray Tan Can I Shower (And Why)?

How Long After Spray Tan Can I Shower (And Why)?

Exact answer: 4 to 8 hours

It’s necessary to take care of your spray tan if you want to preserve your bronzed glow for as long as possible. The care for your tan begins even before you enter the studio and continues after you leave. We’ll answer some of the most asked questions in this blog, such as “when can I shower after a spray tan?”

Getting a spray tan can increase your confidence and make you look more toned. However, after spending the money to get a beautiful bronze glow, the last thing you want is all that work washing down the drain! By keeping in mind a few simple rules, you can make your spray tan lasts as long as possible even after several showers.

Spray tans are costly and difficult to maintain, but the spectacular results are well worth the effort. If you’ve had a spray tan and are wondering how long you should wait before showering, this article will tell you all you need to know about showering after a spray tan.

How Long After Spray Tan Can I Shower

How Long After Spray Tan Can I Shower?

Time DurationRecommendation
4-8 HoursRecommended
More than 24 HoursNot recommended

We recommend waiting at least 4-8 hours following your spray tan before taking your first shower, but no longer than 24 hours. You’ll definitely see some golden glow run down the drain the first time you shower after receiving a spray tan, but don’t worry! When you emerge, you’ll still be as bronzed as ever. This is simply a little portion of the surplus solution that is being washed away from your skin.

When we suggest waiting at least 4 hours before showering following a spray tan, we also mean avoid all moisture. Working out and sweating, hydrating your skin, applying liquid makeup, and anything else that can get your tan wet are all examples of this. As your tan develops, any excess moisture may prevent the solution from adequately adhering to your skin during the first few hours.

Spray Tan

Now that you know when you can shower after a spray tan, let’s get into the details of the shower itself. We have terrible news for your spray tan if you enjoy a long, hot, sudsy shower. Showering after a spray tan should only be done with warm water and an oil-free body wash, and it should be done quickly.

When you step out of the shower, pat yourself dry rather than rubbing. You can moisturize to lock in that tan now that you’re so fresh and clean. To achieve that bronzed glow, moisturizing twice a day is recommended.

Why Wait That Long to Shower After Spray Tan?

There is a time delay between getting a spray tan and showering since the tan needs to settle into your skin before you get it wet. If you shower or get your spray tan wet in any way before the time limit expires, you risk washing the tan away completely or leaving smudges or streaks. This is why it is critical to wait before showering. Spray tans take different amounts of time to dry and develop depending on the type (we’ll get into that later), as well as the salon or specific spray tan you’ve had.

The solution has more time to grow on your skin the longer you leave your tan on. Showering too soon after getting a tan will make it streaky or splotchy. Before the 24-hour mark, avoid using soap or body wash, since this will prevent your spray tan from fully forming. You should avoid washing your hair or exfoliating your skin.


If you were given specific, specialized advice regarding how long you should wait before showering when receiving your spray tan, you should definitely follow it, as the pros know exactly what works best for their products.

Spray tan shower rules

As simple as it may seem, there are methods to improve your entire experience and even extend the length of your tan by changing the way you shower after spray tanning. There are a few blunders you could be making that could cost you your lovely glow, so keep an eye out for the following tactics and tips:

When you shower, you clearly use soap or body wash, but you should avoid using any products during the initial rinse following a spray tan. This is because, while it is now safe to use water on it, any chemicals or products you use after your shower may have an impact on its development. Wait at least 24 hours after your spray tan for optimal effects.


Basically, you should wait 4-8 hours after getting a spray tan before taking your first shower, and this shower should only be a rinse of water — no soaps. Bathing doesn’t make much of a difference to your tan in and of itself, but there are some showering side effects to be aware of in order to retain a beautiful glow, so make sure to look after your skin.

The period of time you can shower after a spray tan is determined by the type of spray tan you obtained. It’s also a good idea to avoid sweating, getting wet, or using body lotion. Another important factor is to stay hydrated, which includes drinking enough water and moisturizing on a regular basis. If you’re on a long-haul flight, avoid drinking alcohol because it causes your tan to fade due to dehydration. If at all possible, avoid hot showers and baths with oils, as well as chlorinated water.


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