How Long After Bleaching Hair Can You Bleach Again (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 to 3 weeks

With the hyping hair trends arriving now and then, hair coloring is common. Everyone is experimenting with their hair color from smoky ice to strawberry blonde. But the process of hair coloring requires tolerance, time, energy, and lots of bleach.

But when you are thinking of bleaching your hair, keep in mind that there is no scope of “test and error.” Before bleaching, make sure you know your hair type. To get a refresher look without degrading your hair strands, know in detail about bleaching of hair. 

How Long After Bleaching Hair Can You Bleach Again

How Long After Bleaching Hair Can You Bleach Again?

Hair colorFading Time
Temporary hair color4 to 5 weeks
Permanent hair color6 to 10 weeks

The waiting time depends on the health of your hair and scalp. If you are bleaching for the first time, then wait for around two weeks to a month. Do you know why we need to wait after bleaching? Since bleaching is a synthetic process that acts as a powerful tornado and damages your hair. So, make sure you don’t bleach your hair more often.

Both hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are applied to extract the hair pigment. It leaves you with lighter hair color. These are harmonious chemicals that seep into the hair fiber and discards melanin. Thus, your hair shaft is prone to damage. 

For bleaching, you need to note the actual color of your hair and the desired color. With every bleaching session, your hair gets a three times lighter tone. For those who have normal black, dark, or color-applicated hair, a single bleaching session won’t bring drastic results. After two to three applications, the results will be visible. But make sure you bleach after two weeks interval.

Bleaching Hair

If you are bleaching at home, keep in mind that various concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can only elevate certain degrees of pigments. Make sure you don’t apply bleach and sit for too long as it might damage your hair shaft. In case you are not happy with your bleaching results then don’t freak out. Wait for some time for the next bleaching session.

Why Does It Take This Long For Bleaching Again?

Frequent bleaching sessions can damage your hair strands. Overdoing bleach can leave you with damaged hair. Researchers recommend taking at least a break of one month if you wish to have a proper hair care routine. If your hair is already damaged then don’t bleach your hair for around six months. Let your hair strand recover with time.

If you maintain a healthy hair care routine and your hair shaft is good and strong then you can bleach after two to three weeks. Make sure that you don’t bleach before two weeks if you have got chemically straightened hair from the salon. If you are not sure about your hair health then take advice from a professional.

Before your next bleaching session, you need to prep your damaged hair. Hydration is an important step in keeping your hair healthy. Bleaching comes with dryness, breakages, split ends, and brittleness. It needs deep hydration. In case you are planning to do bleach today then go for deep conditioning on that day itself. Those who are bleaching for the first time keep in mind that you need to have consistency. If there is consistency in your hair care routine then your hair will gain strength before the next bleaching session.

Bleaching Hair

Before bleaching go for strand testing. It is good for understanding the quality of your hair. With strand test, you can know what will be the reaction of the bleach on your hair. Also, you can note how long bleach lasts.


Note that bleach goes well with unprocessed hair strands. Hair becomes prone to damage if you go for chemical treatments and products. After you have bleached your hair avoid using heating tools for around two weeks. If you have darker hair color then bleach after a month. Then, it would be easy to achieve the desired hair color. Before bleaching your hair at home do visit a dermatologist or a professionalist and go for a strand test. Be careful while bleaching as it might lead to health issues. So, you might need to spend some extra money. Keep your hair healthy before and after bleaching.



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