How Long After Bottom Teeth Top Teeth (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three Months

Teeth are an essential component of human body characteristics. Various types of teeth are present in the side of our mouth. In case of a toothache or any other issue, one can get an appointment fixed with a dentist to know about the issue and how to fix it. In case they break off due to health conditions, or as a result of aging, prosthetic replacements are available.

It is very crucial to keep the teeth clean. Due to constant ignoring of teeth cleaning, it develops bacteria and plaque that decomposes the teeth enamel as cavity sets in and the plaque stick to the teeth, which causes the future problem.

How Long After Bottom Teeth Top Teeth


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How Long After Bottom Teeth Top Teeth?

It is always advised that a newborn baby should only be given its mother’s milk, and if possible, he should only be breastfed. This ensures that all the essential nutrients reach the body of the child and the teeth can grow properly. If the parents observe that the teeth have not come out even after a few months of the child’s birth, they should consult a doctor and regulate the child’s milk intake. Teeth are made up of calcium, and milk contains calcium. So, if milk is not fed correctly, teeth will not come out.

When a person is born, it has no teeth, and they slowly start to grow. In the beginning, the two front teeth in the lower jaw are grown. Front teeth follow them in the upper jaw. These teeth are beneficial when correctly aligned; however, when they are misaligned, it is recommendable to remove them after crossing the age of ten since the poor arrangement of the initial teeth can injure the jawbone nerves as well adjacent teeth.

Type Of TeethTime After Birth For Teeth To Come
Bottom TeethSix months
Top TeethNine months

The teeth of a baby come after a few months of their birth. Bottom teeth start to grow after six months of birth. In contrast, upper teeth are observed after nine months, three months after the arrival of bottom teeth.

Why Are Top teeth That Long After Bottom Teeth?

It is to be kept in mind that the growth of the teeth is a painful process, and it can be not very pleasant. Most teeth are grown in early childhood, but there is one type of wisdom teeth that starts growing after becoming an adult. It is considered the most painful teeth to have as it grows very inside the jaw. The teeth erupt between the late teens and early twenties. Most individuals have four-quadrant wisdom teeth; however, it is possible to have none, more or fewer. Nowadays, most people get rid of wisdom teeth due to many unavoidable circumstances such as pain in their jaw and damage to other teeth.

Sometimes, the teeth get broken, and a person might need to get artificial teeth in their place. In such cases, they can visit a dentist and ask for the procedure. There are two types of replacements based on the patient’s needs. If one or more teeth have been injured or removed due to an injury or other health condition, temporary teeth are used. For old-aged people who find it challenging to eat due to many teeth that break off, permanent teeth or new sets replace the whole set.


Top teeth come that long after bottom teeth because teeth are made up of calcium, and a baby’s body doesn’t have a lot of calcium, So, all the teeth can’t start growing at some time. When the body gets enough calcium, then teeth formation starts, and they start growing one after another.


Overall, it can be concluded that teeth are one of the most critical body parts. Without teeth, an individual won’t be able to consume food. It is crucial to eat healthy food and brush the teeth at least two times a day for protection from getting a tooth degraded.

On average, top teeth grow after three months of bottom teeth. Bottom teeth can be observed after six months of birth. If no teeth are observed even after six or seven weeks, it is crucial to consult a doctor. Parents should make sure that milk is provided to the baby at regular time intervals; otherwise, a shortage of calcium can lead to late growth of the teeth.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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