How Long After CVA For Elective Surgery (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within Two Hours

Elective surgery refers to multiple types of surgeries that are conducted in emergencies. This type of surgery is only performed when a patient’s situation is critical, and the patient’s life might be hanging between life and death. This type of surgery is performed by medical experts and needs utmost precision and accuracy.

CVA is a term used to refer to a Cerebrovascular accident. It generally indicates an accident that results in the injury of the vascular organs of the body and might be deadly. In most cases, there is a need for surgery in such cases, and hence any surgery can be performed depending on the organ that was affected. Since the surgery is performed in emergencies, it is called elective surgery.

How Long After CVA For Elective Surgery

How Long After CVA For Elective Surgery?

Being healthy is one of the most important things you could do to keep yourself out of any surgery. Elective surgeries are primarily performed in cases of heart patients on those people having trouble with their blood flow after a CVA. The chest is cut open, and then the surgery is done to restore normal blood flow. The heart has one of the most critical functions in the whole body because it keeps a person alive. However, due to some unhealthy habits of several people, the heart has to suffer. Suppose a person is a chain-smoker, then he has a high chance of having a heart attack and may need elective surgery.

There are other cases in which Elective surgeries can be performed. People might need elective surgery in some other cases as well. Elective surgeries can be performed in the abdomen or the pelvis area. The process is done by making small incisions with the aid of a camera. It is done to diagnose people who have a wide range of conditions developed in their abdomen or pelvis. However, the surgery can also be conducted to remove damaged or diseased organs or remove tissue for further testing processes. Therefore, it will take up to a day for the patient to recover from the surgery.

CVA For Elective Surgery
Type Of InjuryTime After CVA For Surgery
Minor InjuriesOne day
Major InjuriesWithin two hours

It is always advised to see the level of injury before performing surgery. If minor injuries are there, then surgery should be performed in one day. However, in most cases, injuries are significant, and it is advised to operate on the patient within two hours.

Why Does It Take That Long After CVA For Elective Surgery?

There can be several types of risks that can be associated with the medications that are given to you post-surgery. So, you need to be careful enough before you do some activity like driving a car or doing some other kind of work. You need to take a rest for the next twenty-four hours, and then you can resume your routine. However, it would help if you asked your doctor whether you can participate in such activities or not because you will not be able to do those activities due to some medications. Therefore, it is best to take a doctor’s advice.

The patient is advised to strictly rest for a day or two before he can resume the pre-surgery activities. If the patient is on narcotic medicine, he must avoid driving, running, and other such kinds of activities. The post-surgery will leave the patient with various symptoms, which will take another few weeks to heal. Swelling may occur on your stomach, which will take about two weeks to get normal.

CVA For Elective Surgery

It takes that long after CVA for elective surgery because the doctor identifies the surgery required and how severe the injury is. Any miscalculations in the surgical process can cost the life of the patient.


Finally, it can be concluded that you have to be careful and take care of yourself after the surgery has been successfully done. You can start your regular activities only after your doctor recommends you to do so, or else you have to take bed rest for a while.

On average, surgery is generally conducted within two hours after a CVA. In cases of minor injuries, the surgery can be delayed up to one day.  If you think that specific symptoms or pain are troubling you, you should immediately talk to the doctor and make sure that things are good. If there are some complications, you should make sure that the doctor knows about them.


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