How Long Do You Cook A Bottom Round Roast In The Oven (And Why)?

How Long Do You Cook A Bottom Round Roast In The Oven (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 15 minutes

The roasting time for a bottom round roast would depend on the weight of the bottom round roast. The temperature of the oven is also a vital condition that may influence the cooking time. Generally, the cooking time for 2 pounds of bottom round roast would be around 30 minutes. Sometimes, the cooking time would be around 30 to 45 minutes for two pounds.

The cut of beef is another huge factor that would affect the cooking time of a bottom round roast. People can also sear the bottom round roast in the skillet before making it in the oven. This would help in holding and capturing the juice present inside the roast.

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How Long Do You Cook A Bottom Round Roast In The Oven?

Bottom Round Roast How Long Do You Cook A Bottom Round Roast In The Oven
For 1 pound15 to 20 minutes
For 2 pounds30 to 40 minutes
For 3 pounds45 to 55 minutes

If someone is trying to cook the bottom round roast for rare, then roasting time would be around 15 minutes. For medium, the cooking time of the bottom round roast would be around 20 minutes. Everyone can use a thermometer to check the temperature of the roast as there should not be any fluctuation of the temperature.

The temperature would be different for rare and medium. For medium-rare roast, the temperature would be around 145 degrees Fahrenheit while for the medium it would be 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The meat would get cooked even if it is resting outside the oven.

So people can take the meat out before a few minutes if the temperature is 5 degrees Fahrenheit below the required temperature. Never cover the bottom round roast in the oven, as it would start steaming. The roast should be put in the oven without a single drop of water in it.

If a person tries to cook the round roast at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, then the cooking time would be around 3 hours. The person has to season the roast before putting it in the oven.

Everyone can add garlic salt, and pepper to the roast with the required amount of salt. The round roast would start cooking inside the oven and don’t skip covering the pan with aluminium foil.

The recipes of roast would be different for the variety of cuts. People can choose a convenient recipe for a specific cut. The round roast should be cooked by placing it on the rack. Putting the round roast on the rack in the roasting pan would help in balancing the temperature correctly.

The roasting of the bottom round roast would help in making the beef tough by absorbing its moisture content. The fibers would start shrinking as the roasting process should start to evaporate.

Why Do You Cook A Bottom Round Roast For This Long In The Oven?

The bottom round roast is obtained from the rear leg of the cow. The bottom round roast is a lean cut of meat that needs to be cooked correctly, or else it would get extremely tough. The rear leg of the cow has very less intramuscular fat, and this would be very difficult to cook.

As the meat is lean, the chances are extremely high that it would get tough due to any wrong cooking techniques. Therefore, it’s not possible to grill the bottom round roast as it would get chewy and dry very easily. Pounding is a good technique to make the meat soft and tender. The pounding would help in easily cutting the lean meat.

Using any acidic marinade such as kiwi would help in maintaining the softness and tenderness of the lean meat. Slow cooking is required for the proper cooking of the meat. The fat content in the bottom round roast is extremely low. Therefore making steaks from the bottom round roast is not a good choice.


The cooking process of the bottom round roast would be around 15 to 25 minutes for each pound. The person should never add any other ingredients that would not go well with the roast. The roast should be cooked properly as it would get tough with any single cooking mistake. Adding some olive oil to the roast before starting the cooking process in the oven would help.


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