How Long After Can You TTC After Septum Is Removed (And Why)?

How Long After Can You TTC After Septum Is Removed (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At Least 1 to 2 Months

Surgeries take place everywhere in the world. Millions of people undergo surgeries and it is one of the biggest assets of the medical field. Surgeries can be used to remove and correct organs and body parts, and they can take place internally and even externally.

Surgeries can be painful but anesthesia will surely be given to help you tolerate the pain. Certain surgeries are performed on males and some on females. Two such surgeries include vaginal and uterine septum removal surgery.

You can try to conceive (TTC) a baby after about a month or two after your septum removal surgery.

How Long After Can You TTC After Septum Is Removed

How Long Can After You TTC After Septum Is Removed?

Name of the surgeryGoals of the surgeryReasons to undergo the surgeryCauses and Symptoms
Vaginal and Uterine septum corrective surgeryHelps you remove the septum, which is a long piece of tissue separating the cavity of your uterus. The outside of the uterus still has the normal shapeHelps women in dealing with infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, menstrual problems, pain during sex, and much moreThere aren’t any certain symptoms other than a miscarriage of a septate uterus. It can also be picked up if you undergo a pelvic exam. Septate uterus is genetic and there aren’t any known causes

Septate uterus can increase your chance of miscarriages, but it doesn’t actually mess with your TTC. If you have a septate uterus, even if you conceive successfully, you might experience recurrent loss of pregnancy.

According to various surveys, about 25% of miscarriages happen due to septate uteri. After TTC, even if you manage to conceive with a septate uterus, there may be some risks of abnormal development like premature labor and breech positions, which might end up in cesarean delivery and bleeding complications during and after the pregnancy.

There are no symptoms for a septate uterus. Suppose you have a miscarriage, you can take a pelvic exam to confirm if you have a septate uterus. It might be dangerous if you have a septum that extends enough include your cervix and vagina, beyond the uterus.

Why Do You Have To Wait Before TTC After A Septum Removal Surgery?

A uterine septum is a wall of tissue that will divide your uterus, by acting as a wedge. It is made up majorly of muscle, connective tissue, and fibers. This can divide your uterus entirely or partially. The size and shape of your septum can vary. Its length, the width can vary.

The reason one has septum corrective surgeries is that it will block the sperm from reaching your ovaries. It can also decrease the space that the fetus normally has inside a womb to grow.

After you undergo the surgery, it can increase your space uterus for the eggs to develop well. This can also repair any sort of infertility issue. You will be under general anesthesia when you undergo the surgery, and it will be performed as an outpatient procedure. The surgeon will insert the required instruments into a small incision they make in your abdomen.

After that, using laparoscopes, they view the procedure and complete the surgery using a hysteroscopic repair. The recovery process takes about two to four weeks, and you might experience some pain for a while. You will experience abdomen pain for a while if you have uterine surgery it will be a bit difficult to sit down comfortably after two days.

After undergoing the surgery, you can TTC with success rates, have sex, and use tampons without experiencing pain.


So, to let your uterus or vagina heal after the corrective surgery, you should not TTC for at least a month or two before you healed. This might undo the stitches, cause infection, or any reproductive health issues. So, it is better to abstain from sex for at least a month or two before your uterus or vagina.

Even if you feel like you have healed completely, you should consult a gynecologist before TTC so that you can know if you are ready to get pregnant. If you experience any symptoms of nausea, excess bleeding or discharge, fever, vomiting, or infection, you can consult a medical expert.



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