How Long To Lay After TTC (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 to 20 Minutes

Getting pregnant can be normal for some, while some might TTC for a while. Pregnancy happens after a couple has sexual intercourse. Once you want to get pregnant, there are various measures one can take to get successful in their initial attempts. There are many things you must understand, know and follow before getting pregnant.



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Among many other things that one can follow, one is laying down for a while after TTC. According to various medical experts and gynecologists, it is better if you lay down for about 15 to 20 minutes after TTC, which will improve your chances of getting pregnant sooner.

How Long To Lay After TTC

How Long To Lay After TTC?

Overview about pregnancySymptomsWays to Prevent PregnancyDuration of every normal pregnancy
Pregnancy occurs after a couple undergoes sexual intercourse. Missed periods, headaches, changes in your breasts, weight gain, pregnancy-induced hypertension, heartburns, vomiting, cramps, hip and back pain, and much moreIUDs(Intrauterine devices), pills, male and female condoms, morning-after pills, and natural family planning methodsLasts for about 40 weeks, which is divided into three trimesters of three months. But, there are times when women undergo early or late delivery

When couples are young, they can TTC easily. But, after a while, as age passes, it certainly gets difficult due to various reasons like health issues. When you have intercourse, the sperm travels into the uterus and fertilizes the egg. The egg will be released by the ovary during your ovulation period.

An average pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks, i.e. nine months. The entire period is divided into three trimesters, and various factors affect your pregnancy during and after. There are multiple symptoms to let you know you are pregnant.

Some of the popular and most noticeable symptoms include vomiting, changes in weight and breasts, headache, body pain, hip pain, missed periods, and much more. After your get all the symptoms, you can take a pregnancy test to confirm.

If you successfully get pregnant, you will deliver a baby after 9 months. But, if you have trouble getting pregnant, there are many tips you can try out so that you can get pregnant faster.

Why Do You Have To Lay Down For A While After TTC?

During conception and sex, there are things you can follow to get pregnant sooner. One of them is lying down for a while after TTC. There is no scientific proof that this can increase your odds of getting pregnant. But, there are scientific reasons that if you stand up immediately after TTC, the sperm might go down and away from the cervix due to gravity.

So, laying down for at least 15 to 20 minutes after TTC can help your sperm travel in the right direction. Laying down really helps the sperm travel towards the ovary and it can increase the chance of you getting pregnant. There are many other things like trying certain positions. When you try certain positions, it can help your sperm reach your uterus faster.

Some other tips include TTC often, TTC during the times you are most fertile, usage of aphrodisiac, trying to relieve stress, and much more. So, whatever you try, you must make sure you lie down for at least 15 minutes before getting up or using the bathroom.

When you lie down after TTC, the sperm reaches your ovary, gets fertilized, and stays in the uterus to develop. After that, there are various measures you must undergo, activities, food, and drinks you must abstain yourself from, and take medicines that would help you healthily maintain the pregnancy.


If you are having any sort of trouble getting pregnant, you can visit a medical expert or a gynecologist for more treatments and tips. Various fertility clinics will help both males and females in getting pregnant. There are many exercises, diet plans, and medications that can help you conceive sooner.

If you are TTC, older than the normal age couple gets pregnant and having trouble getting pregnant, It is about time you tried new ways and methods to get it done faster. You can always seek medical help if you are having any issues, and just make sure you lie down for a while after TTC.


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