How Long After CBD Oil Can I Drink (And Why)?

How Long After CBD Oil Can I Drink (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 Minutes

The body of a person can face different kinds of complications. There is no time limit when, how, and where it will happen. But it is for the benefit of a person to always stay safe. The body can the organs can be saved from many situations by following a few guidelines and rules. It is mainly done to prevent or cure any kind of medical condition.

Cannabidiol oil or commonly known as CBD oil is one such oil that can be taken as a medication in different situations. Even though it is derived from cannabis, it does not make a person intoxicated. But they’re a thing that a person should follow before taking. He or she should not drink or eat anything for at least 20 minutes after consuming CBD oil.

How Long After CBD Oil Can I Drink

How Long After CBD Oil Can I Drink?

With Food and Water20 Minutes
Directly20 Minutes

The timespan between having CBD oil and having any kind of drink or food is not much. As mentioned above, it is only a matter of 20 minutes. Even if it is not much, it should be strictly followed. CBD has a lot of controversies regarding it as it is made from marijuana. But around all controversies, it still has a lot of health benefits and studies are being made about its discoveries.

CBD oil is completely different from THC, which is another type of cannabinoid and is mainly used for intoxication. CBD oil can be consumed in a lot of ways. People can use it to cook food, use it in food, mix with drinking water, directly consume it, etc. But when consuming, it advised cleaning the mouth properly for better absorption. Before it reaches the stomach, it mixes with the blood.

CBD oil can also be used as anxiety relief, pain relief, cancer treatment, anti-acne, etc. CBD oil increases the heart rate and reduces the effect of anxiety, people suffering from insomnia use CBD oil to have a good sleep. It helps in preventing cancer cells according to some studies, but tests are still being conducted. CBD oil is used to reduce symptoms of diseases such as arthritis, chronic pain, muscle pain, etc.

Sometimes CBD is also extracted in form of powder, instead of oil. When in powder form, it can be nixed with creams and applied to the body to reduce skin problems. Regarding the consumption of CBD, it is recommended to take the permission of the doctor. Some people may have side effects and should be careful.

Why Does It Take Long To Drink After CBD Oil?

It takes a long to drink after CBD oil because it needs time to get absorbed in the body. It is better to consume CBD before eating. CBD may have a lot of good effects and can be used to cure and prevent a lot of health conditions, but there are a few side effects that can happen. The symptoms may vary from person to person.

In a few cases, a person may feel dizzy, have hallucinations and suffer from low blood pressure. Just as it is used to cure anxiety and help insomniac people sleep, it can also make a healthy person feel depressed and can develop insomnia. Researchers are still studying its risks and side effects and trying to find more types of benefits.

Consuming CBD sublingually is preferred over any other method. Just as mentioned above, it is suggested to take it before eating then after as it takes a lot of time for absorption through digestion and the food might produce a negative result on absorption.


Marijuana is not legal in a lot of places around the world. Even the United States of America does not have marijuana made legal in all of its states except a few. Marijuana may be used to get intoxicated and is harmful to the body, but CBD oil is not. It has a lot of benefits and can be used to make medicines in the future. Slowly the world is beginning to understand the usefulness of CBD.

But even among all these, few people only use it for intoxication and should be prevented from doing that. Ultimately, it is the doctors who can recommend having CBD and should not be consumed without permission.


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