How Long After Cesarean Can I Climb Stairs (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 6 weeks after the procedure

Cesarean section or most commonly known as the C-section is the surgical procedure used to deliver a baby. The procedure has gained popularity in the last few years as it is considered safe, unlike normal deliveries.

It comes to the rescue when the mother and the child are supposed to be at risk in normal deliveries.

The process involves the incision in the abdomen and uterus of the to-be-mother. It is a major surgery that involves cutting of various layers of the abdomen and a lot of rest is required thereafter.

The main question that arises is when can one do normal activities. Most particularly, when can one start climbing the stairs after the C-section.

How Long After Cesarean Can I Climb Stairs


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How Long After Cesarean can I Climb Stairs?

It is a very common process that women tend to forget that they had a major c-section surgery unless they have to climb some stairs. And it is actually not possible for many to avoid the stairs completely after the surgery.

Your house could be on the 2nd floor, or the bathroom of your home could be on the 1st floor. There are many reasons why you could have to climb a staircase.

But to be frank enough, stairs and c-sections don’t mix well. You may face various issues if you climb stairs before it has been 6 weeks since the surgery.

It is a known fact that after any surgery, a specific amount of time is required for the healing process. After spending almost5-6 days in the hospital after the delivery, your body still needs time to recover.

The rest of 6-7 weeks is what doctors recommend.

And during this time period, you cannot climb even the stairs as there is a great risk of the incisions opening up. You probably don’t want to take that risk. Do you?

WalkingSmall walk after 1-2 days of cesarean
Climbing stairs6 weeks after the c-section surgery

Why Does It Take So Long After Cesarean To Climb Stairs?

You should not climb stairs after c-section surgery because there is a risk of the incisions opening up. This in turn might cause severe pain and infection.

Climbing upstairs puts a lot of pressure on the abdominal muscle. This is the reason why you are at risk of the incisions being opened up. Climbing upstairs also poses a risk of falling, which doesn’t sound good at all.

You should probably not take any chance and do as directed by the doctors. Take complete rest for 6-7 weeks and let your body heal. Once you are alright, you can continue with your daily activities.

As discussed earlier, you should definitely avoid stairs for 6-7 weeks post the c-section. However, it is not possible to completely shun climbing the stairs. In this case, you may try certain tricks.

Firstly, use the stairs as little as possible. Relocate yourself if your washroom is somewhere upstairs. bring all the supplies needed, near you.

This is done so that you don’t have to climb up for the rest of the day. Do not try to carry any heavy stuff.

Climb Stairs

Walk slowly. There is no need to rush anyways. And if you need any type of support/help from your family members, don’t feel shy. Also, if in any case, you are climbing the stairs, take the stairs slowly.

Though, you should stop climbing the staircase.

In order to recover sooner than usual, take your medications on time. itching of the incision area is a common thing. Do not scratch the area. Itching depicts that your body is healing.

Stay hydrated and eat nutritious food. And around 6 weeks after the cesarean, you are all set to climb upstairs.


Childbirth is an exciting time in parents’ life. However, sometimes it costs a little much on the mother’s body especially if it’s a c-section delivery. The body has undergone massive surgery and it’s in dire need of rest.

Mothers are restricted to perform any activities such as walking longer distances, climbing stairs, lifting weights, and much more. You can climb the stairs only after it has been 6 weeks to the cesarean surgery.

This is done in order to protect the stitches and incisions from breaking up.

Once it has been 6 weeks or more, you are free to climb up the stairs and do any sort of light work. Until then, take complete rest.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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