How Long After Going On The Pill Is It Effective (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One Week

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful things in the life of a woman. It is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that the baby who is about to be born is also healthy when it is born. However, most women prefer to consume birth control pills for several reasons to stop themselves from ovulating and stop themselves from becoming pregnant.

Birth control includes several other natural methods, such as abstinence and withdrawal. It can also include devices such as condoms, sponge, diaphragm, cervical cap, contraceptive injections, intrauterine device (IUD), contraceptive pill, contraceptive patch, vaginal ring, implants, emergency contraceptive pills, and many more.

How Long After Going On The Pill Is It Effective

How Long After Going On Pill Is It Effective?

Population explosion is a major crisis faced by every country these days. The population of creatures surviving on earth is increasing geometrically, with the resources present in the earth getting depleted in the same sequence. Hence, birth control pills have become the most important key to fight this evil. The reasons behind the population explosion are many, including the existing superstitions and lack of knowledge in the hands of people. Today, NGOs and the government are trying hard to make people aware of the various birth control pills. But, the general people must also be competent enough to receive their efforts with positivity.

Various pills are available in the market. The combination pills should be administered at the onset of periods every month to prevent pregnancy. The natural way to stop pregnancy is not to indulge in sex up to fifteen days after the period. There are even some hormonal pills available on the market. The progesterone pill should be used along with some other barrier methods. It has also been successful in preventing pregnancy to some extent. But other methods have long-term effects.

Results Of Birth Control PillsTime After Taking Pills To Be Effective
To prevent pregnancyOne week
To prevent abnormal bleedingTwo months

If the birth control pills are being taken to control pregnancy, results can be observed in one week. However, pills are also effective in controlling abnormal bleeding, which generally takes two months to get effective results.

Why Does It Take That Long After Using Pill To Be Effective?

The duration of birth control pills coming into action totally depends on when the pill was consumed. And which type of birth control pill are you using. When you’re thinking of consuming birth control pills, then you don’t need to worry. You can consume them anytime, any day. But whenever you start, make sure you continue it for seven days. If you’re taking combination pills that prevent you from ovulating, then within five days, it will work. It would prevent your ovaries from releasing eggs. For example, if you had periods on a Monday morning, you start consuming pills until Saturday. Then, you’re protected from getting pregnant.

But if you consume progestin-only pills, then you’re protected for forty-eight hours. These pills are responsible for solidifying your cervical mucus and lessens the endometrium. Thus, it prevents eggs from getting fertilized. Slynd, which is an exception to progestin-only pills, if it’s consumed on day one, then you stay protected right at that moment. Birth control pills do prevent you from getting pregnant only if you consume them in the right way. These pills don’t work efficiently if you’re suffering from any other serious disease.


It takes that long for pills to be effective because of their working procedure. The combination pills harden cervical mucus, which is a fluid encompassing your cervix. This fluid aids sperm traveling to your uterus that further fertilizes an egg. Thus, it prevents sperm from entering your uterus.


Finally, it can be concluded that birth control pills are used to avoid pregnancy, and it is an effective and safe way of doing that. However, keeping everything in mind, a woman should take care of her health, especially after becoming pregnant. The pills take about three to four weeks to show effects and are effective in most cases.

On average, pregnancy can be avoided after one week of consumption of the pills. The woman taking pills must ensure to visit a doctor once or twice a week so that she gets to know about her health condition. Maintaining a healthy life is very important, and it also helps give birth to a healthier baby in the future.


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