How Long After Lunch Can I Run (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 3 to 4 hours

It’s a normal thing to have a walk or jog after having our respective foods. Although it’s a matter of choice, people prefer to have a run after their lunch, to make their metabolism process better. This is because after a certain age, which implies after 30 years of age our digestive system degrades. This age is not particular as it varies from person to person but the average number of person’s face after this age group.

But there this question arises that what is the exact or approximate amount of time after which We should start running after having our respective lunch. This is because we all know that we can’t start running immediately or after half an hour of our lunch as it’s not snack time. It consists of a variety of items which makes it a large meal. So this is the point where the question is getting stuck!

How Long After Lunch Can I Run


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How Long After Lunch Can I Run?

TypeNumber of hours
Light food item3
Heavy food item4

First comes the thing that what type of meal we are going to intake. The meal is the most important part of our the whole day. This is because it keeps us energized for most of the day. But then it is only considered by as said before what type of food we are going to take. If it is like a large meal with a variety of items, then we are going to feel too bulky. And this in return would result in taking more time for our run that is a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.

But if we intake our lunch with very few food items, to be precise it would consist of only two-three items that too in a considerable amount then, we would take at least 1 to 2hours of time to start running. Second, it comes to How healthy our food is? This question arises because the more our food would be healthy the less time it will take to digest and then we would be ready to run within 3 to 4hours basing on the amount we prefer to intake. If we would have been taking it in fewer amounts then the time would have decreased to 1 to 2hours.


One more thing that decides it is that how cheerful and healthy our breakfast was! Because only after our breakfast does we have to work. And during that time our body digests the food properly and absorbs the given energy by breaking it down. So we should get a very natural craving hunger and to satisfy that we need a healthy proper meal. After which it will take 3 to 4 hours for our run.

Why Can I Run So Long After Lunch?

Before coming to the point it is being made clear that this thing, is purely based upon our assumptions on this given question. This is because it may vary from person to person as per their habits, their routines, and related activities. It actually takes us 3 to 4hours after our lunch to run according to research. It may happen to us all because of our work, our routine, and our habits. Basically, If we wake up at six in the morning and go jogging for half an hour and then within one hour we get ready for our work and breakfast(depends upon each individual’s routine timetable).

Starting the morning with a healthy and great breakfast boosts our day and by the right time in the afternoon, we may get cravings for our hunger. And we may need a proper meal to feed our stomach if the person following it doesn’t work much post afternoon. So that they can take some rest and that gives me at least 2hours. And then after taking a rest we are ready to prepare ourselves for the run. But we also need to feed ourselves before 1 or 2 hours of running with snacks varying in; A bowl of cereal, half of a sandwich, A handful of nuts.


And as it’s for the persons after 30s, they can follow this routine as per their work and other habits. But the food habits must be proper according to the time you choose your run apart from my time. So, here is the reason why it takes this long time.


So, from the above, it must be pretty clear that how difficult is to maintain these food habits for a better exercise of our body. But it’s possible if we determine to keep Ourselves fit. And the time suggested here may vary according to people’s choice, preferences, habits, routine and foremost the work.

And it’s better that, how much you take or you can take after you have your lunch before you run. This is all just to other digestive complexities. But for sound health and mind, a proper healthy food and exercise habit is must necessary.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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