How Long After CML Can You Move In (And Why)?

How Long After CML Can You Move In (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Four Weeks

CML stands for council of mortgage lenders. It is an industry body that represents multiple mortgage lenders located in the United Kingdom. The members in the industry are included from specialist lenders, building societies, and various banks. They represent more than ninety percent of mortgage lending in different parts of the United Kingdom.

In November of 2015, news broke out that the council of mortgage lenders will be merged with an association named British Banker’s Association. This was done to ensure that there are no issues in the company’s finance and everything functions smoothly. UK finance also joined hands with these two organizations in July 2017.

How Long After CML Can You Move In

How Long After CML Can You Move In?

When a person in the United Kingdom buys a new house or even rents a property, the mortgage lender asks to have a warranty to protect the building. This is done to ensure that the investment by the buyer is protected and the lender’s security also remains safe. This process was adopted very long ago and is trendy everywhere. It is done to make sure that the property is not harmed or damaged in any way. Also, this doesn’t allow anyone to own the property illegally, and all the documents are verified and appropriately cross-checked.

The warranty of the house is provided by the professional consultant of the council of mortgage lenders, but it can also be provided under a warranty scheme. A warranty scheme helps in covering the defects or damage caused to the building. However, it doesn’t include damage done by natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding. After a CML certificate is provided to the property owner, it is certified that the building is built to legal standards and is safe for everyone. However, in the future, if any defect arises, then the owner can claim compensation, and if the claim is legal, compensation will be provided.

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Type Of PropertyTime To Move In
Own propertyFour weeks
Rented propertySix weeks

For moving in into a property, it is necessary to have a CML certificate. In cases of privately owned property, it takes four weeks to move in. However, it takes a bit longer if the property is rented, and the renter can move in around six weeks.

Why Does It Take That Long After CML To Move In?

The warranty schemes that the lenders provide are multiple, and it depends on the personal choice of the house owner which scheme they want to enroll in. If they enroll in the premium warranty scheme, then the house will be protected against any accidents and theft. However, in the standard warranty scheme, the house will not be protected by any theft. Only compensation in cases of accidents will be provided.

It takes that long after CML move in because there is a lot of paperwork involved in the process. The buyer needs to fill in all the details of all the members going to move in. Details include name, identity proof, age, sex, and a few others. After all the documents are submitted, the lenders verify them and ensure that all the individuals are authorized, citizens. After this, the certificate is provided, and they can move in.

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The individuals who are buying or renting the house must make sure that all the details provided in the form for the warranty scheme are legal. If any information is found false or not true, no warranty will be provided, and legal actions can also be taken against the applicant.


Finally, it can be concluded that CML stands for council of mortgage lenders, and it is a council in which many lenders issue warranty schemes for people buying a new house or renting a new property. They ensure that the owner’s building is protected and the securities of the lenders are safe.

On average, a person can move in after six weeks of renting a house after CML. If the house is bought and is the owner’s property, they can move in four weeks after the CML. It takes that long because various documents need to be submitted and verified before a person can move in.


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