How Long After Someone Dies Is The Will Read (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 8 to12 months

A will is a legitimate and valid document that conveys one person’s desires as to how their property is to be managed and also to be distributed after their death until the ultimate distribution. Yet, it has at times been believed that a will is historically applied just to real wealth. While a testament is applied only to personal wealth. Hence, giving rise to the prominent title of the document as last will.

The historical reports show that the terms can be used interchangeably. So, a will can be validly applied for both real and personal wealth. It can create a testamentary trust too and can be effective only after the demise of the testator.

How Long After Someone Dies Is The Will Read

How Long After Someone Dies Is The Will Read?

Time to wait to file the will for administration5 days
Time taken for the will to be read after someone dies12 months

A dead person’s will is required to be filed in a probate court if the estate is of a very large value. These involve large monetary amounts, jewelry, cars, or any other expensive products and additional property belonging to the deceased only can enter the court. The probate court will decide if the will is accepted or not and after that, the assets can be distributed as per the deceased wishes.

Some assets do not need to enter the court such as life insurance benefits, property held in a living trust, property held in a joint control (perhaps the deceased and their son/daughter or deceased and their spouse). In most cases, the assets are distributed between eight to twelve months from the time the WILL is filed in court. The process of probation a WILL has many steps which it takes time to read the WILL but with attention to detail, it can be moved along.

The probate property mainly includes assets in the deceased person’s name alone at the time of death, without one or more beneficiaries and joint owners. Probate court matters are genuine proceedings designed to assess wills and allocate the properties of the people who left last wills and testaments.

Probate proceedings have also settled the properties of those who died without valid desires. Your state’s probate statute, or any similar statutory provisions, specifies whether a will requires probate. The probate method can take nearly 6-9 months to finish but varies relying on the quantity of the assets that need to be distributed. In case of any disputes, the process can take too much longer.

Why Does It Take So Long To Read The Will After Someone Dies?

A will needs to be filed in the probate court and the further process continues by the court which takes too long. As mentioned in the above portion, it takes more than eight months for the final distribution of the properties. The reason is that a property can’t be allocated until the copy is submitted by the families to the probate court.

A probate method takes a long while which directly affects the inheritors. A person can die without leaving any will but if he/she does, then the instruction of division should be taken accordingly. The final assets should be distributed as per the will.

First of all, to begin the method of implementing the will, families must submit a paper to the local probate court. Some states have laws of limitations on wills, which means the wills are legal and valid for a fixed period after the person dies. On the other hand, some of the states don’t have any fixed time limit for probation of the will; families can wait or they can just turn it into the probate court within a few days of the person’s demise.

After submitting a document to the probate court, the executor or the attorney mails his statement of will to anyone, referred in the will. After documenting a will contest, the probate method extended a bit as lawyers work with the court to find an outcome. In the final step, if the will and property are simple, it could just take a few months to finish the statutes and divide inheritances to the inheritors.


We have already examined in the above portions regarding what is a will, how long it takes to read a will after a person dies and why this process takes so long to read a will. So, a question arises at the end that what if someone dies without a Will? 

Generally, the people who die without any testament, it’s meant that they died intestate. When this happens, the government and the courts will conclude the fate of all the assets in a property. Grief is a tricky, intricate, and often depressing process to steer. That’s why the important thing is to establish and renovate a property scheme by knowing what is the important thing to do when somebody dies.


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