How Long To Get BMW After Order (And Why)?

How Long To Get BMW After Order (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One To Two Weeks

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, and it is a multinational corporation of Germany which is famous for producing luxury motorcycles and vehicles. The company was first established in 1916 and started manufacturing aircraft engines. It produced aircraft engines from 1917 to 1918 and once more from 1933 to 1945. The headquarters of the company are located in Munich, Germany.

BMW is a company known for producing its vehicles in all parts of the world. It produces many cars and vehicles with specific qualities, and its vehicles are loved by people everywhere. However, the vehicles produced by BMW are very costly, and everyone cannot afford them. Its vehicles are mainly purchased by wealthy people such as sportsperson or actors.

How Long To Get BMW After Order

How Long To Get BMW After Order?

BMW is one of the largest and most prominent manufacturers of motor vehicles in the world. It is also one of the leading companies in terms of revenue generated. Not only luxury cars, but BMW is also widely famous for producing touring cars and sports cars. BMW also manufactures race cars that are used in Formula 1 racing. Every year BMW produces more than a million vehicles specialized for different things. The major countries in which BMW holds a significant market are Germany, Brazil, and China. South Africa and the United States are also leading the production list of BMW vehicles. The United Kingdom and India also hold a significant percentage in the manufacturing of BMW vehicles.

In 1959, the company was about to get bankrupt, but the Quandt brothers, namely Harald and Herbert Quandt, saved the company by investing in it and protecting it from bankruptcy. As a result, the Quandt family is one of the long-term stakeholders and gets high revenues. The stocks of BMW have risen exponentially in the past few decades, and the number of customers associated with BMW has also increased many folds. BMW is a leading sponsor in many mega-events such as football and basketball leagues.

CountryTime to Get BMW After Order
USA, UK, or GermanyOne week
Asian countries like India and ChinaTwo weeks

BMW takes the time to get delivered after the order is placed in the country where it is ordered. In countries like the USA or Germany, it is delivered within one week. In contrast, buyers in Asian countries such as India and China have to wait for around two weeks to get the car delivered.

Why Does It Take That Long To Get BMW After Order?

The logo of BMW is very classy and is loved by many. It is a circle which is divided into four quarters. Quarters are colored alternatively by white or blue. On the top BMW is written on it. This logo was designed in 1931 and has been in use since then. However, minor changes have been introduced from time to time in the logo. The slogan of BMW is also prevalent, and it is The Ultimate Driving Machine. Car lovers highly rate BMW vehicles because of their specifications.

It takes that long after ordering BMW to get delivered because many logistical barriers are cleared before getting a vehicle. Apart from this, a lot of paperwork is also needed to be completed when buying a vehicle. The buyer needs to submit the income certificate and many other details while ordering the car. After the order is placed, the showroom owners ask the company to deliver the vehicle to the buyer’s house, which also takes some time.


Apart from being a big company, BMW is also responsible for employing a significant section of society. Showroom managers and workers are recruited from time to time by BMW. The total number of employees working in all the BMW showrooms is close to half a million and it is increasing gradually.


Finally, it can be concluded that BMW is one of the biggest and leading companies in the moto vehicle sector. The company was started in 1916 and aimed at producing aircraft engines. The company was also on the verge of getting bankrupt but was saved by the Quindt brothers, and they are a leading stakeholder of the company.

On average, a BMW vehicle is delivered within one to two weeks after it is ordered. Many logistics and paperwork are needed to be sorted before the delivery. BMW has a massive customer base and is also responsible for employing many people.


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  1. The detailed explanation about the logistics and paperwork involved in getting a BMW delivered offers a better understanding of the process.

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    2. The logistics and paperwork involved in the delivery process of BMW vehicles is an important consideration for potential buyers.

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      The logo and slogan of BMW are iconic and contribute to the brand’s recognition in the market.

  3. While BMW vehicles are known for their luxury and quality, it’s unfortunate that they are only accessible to a limited section of society due to their high cost.

    1. The exclusivity of BMW vehicles due to their high cost is indeed a limiting factor for many potential buyers.

  4. The information provided about the delivery time of BMW vehicles in different countries is quite useful for potential buyers.

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    The article provides a comprehensive overview of BMW’s history, manufacturing, and delivery processes, offering valuable insights for readers.

    1. The depth of information in the article offers a comprehensive understanding of BMW’s operations and impact in the automotive industry.

    2. The detailed overview of BMW’s history and processes in the article is both informative and engaging.

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