How Long After CPAP to Feel Better (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 2 or 3 days

Often people face problems with sleep due to several issues. One of the issues is Sleep apnea, which forces one to stop the breath during sleep at night. With every pause, your sleep gets disrupted. It can occur numerous times every night. This is the reason due to which sleep apnea makes you dull and almost evacuates your daytime energy.



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One of the effective treatments to get rid of Sleep apnea is to make use of CPAP treatment and few people feel like a new person when they started to take CPAP treatment. After using CPAP, you may see significant changes such as looking more attractive and energetic than before during the day.

How Long After CPAP to Feel Better

How Long After CPAP to Feel Better?

The gold thumb rule for this machine is, longer the use of the CPAP machine, the better are the results. CPAP machines often show their productive results quite quickly. Most people feel its dramatic effectiveness immediately after the first night. Whereas for few people it takes nearly a week to get rid of sleep apnea.

It generally depends on how much your sleep is getting affected due to sleep apnea. During the initial days, it will be difficult to adapt the CPAP mask and many might take time to urge habituated. AHI in CPAP machines is one of the significant signs to know about improvement in treatment. It is good if the AHI level is 8-10 events for high CPAP users.

CPAP therapy reduces events of sleep apnea from 130 to below 10 within one or two nights which is very much effective and makes a great amount of difference. Usually, for many people, it reduces to 5 straight away after one night. It also might take a little more time to achieve the target goal if you’re a brand new CPAP user or perhaps attempting a brand new mask. 

Mask-off events and mask discomfort are more common for a couple of days or one for one week. CPAP therapy not only decreases sleep apnea but also reduces snoring, night sweats, and constant tiredness after few more days of usage. In a very rare case, it can also take one year to feel better.

In summary (without depending on no. days taken to get habituated to CPAP mask), 

No. of events per hourNo. of days
Above 805

Why Does It Take That Long To Feel Better?

Though it depends on, no. of events that occur per hour, it also depends on the uncomfortableness people feel while wearing the mask. Because they have to breathe against pressure which is not quite an easy task. Sometimes, the fit of the CPAP mask might not be in a proper way which leads to leaking of air and results in face marks and pain.

Due to this, your sleep will be disturbed every short while and sleep apnea continues in the night. Finally, you never get a good quality of sleep even after making use of a CPAP mask. It does not only disturbs sleep but also has a very bad effect on heart health.

According to the survey, it is believed by many people that, improper use of masks while undergoing therapy also causes people to look as bad as they feel. To reduce the period of recovery, the settings of the CPAP machine which is done by a physician must set the range of pressure correctly and should be adjusted accordingly.

To grab effective results from this treatment, a mask should be used long enough for every night. If your mask had been removed before the complete night, the cause of action will be the opposite because sleep apnea increases during the third part of the night. Few of the mask attaches like a cushion into the nose which uses nasal pillows. It is advisable to get a good CPAP mask to obtain complete benefit out of this after one or two nights.


If you are uncomfortable with your mask, making slight changes can give more effective results. There are even a few masks that cover the required part of the nose. Instant results should not be expected. You may not feel regular improvement until you use it regularly.

The use of a CPAP mask for almost 7-8 hours per night or until complete night gives results in amazing ways. If you are taking CPAP treatment for a long while and still, you didn’t attain the results, it is best to consult your doctor to make use of the treatment. You must use a CPAP mask every night to get the most favorable results.


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