How Long After Fainting Will I Feel Better (And Why)?

How Long After Fainting Will I Feel Better (And Why)?

Exact Time: within 10 minutes

The reason behind faintness is mainly the lack of blood supply to the brain. Many times the fainting conditions are not serious at all. Fainting is nothing but immediate and for a small time loss of conscious state. Basically, you have also observed that when a person faints, they fall as they cannot handle the body properly. It is also the temporary loss of a state of consciousness.

When you feel weak or your head feels lightheaded, and when you feel something spinning, the chances of fainting increase. People won’t feel good after fainting sometimes nausea and vomiting are also observed.

How Long After Fainting Will I Feel Better

How Long After Fainting Will I Feel Better?

Basically, faintness lasts for just a few seconds. But it makes that person feeling low and dizzy. And it takes minutes to recover from that stage. But there can be chances that that person will be unable to recover from fainting then you are allowed to consult the doctor immediately. A person can wake up in just a minute and after that, they feel better within 10 minutes.

When you faint, you won’t feel normal for a short time. Depression feeling and tiredness also occur too. Fainting during pregnancy can be dangerous too so it is to be observed properly as if after fainting the women recovered after 2 minutes then there is no problem but if it takes more time then you have to visit the doctor. Also, she is to be observed keenly. It is being found that the series of fainting lasts for seconds. Many fainting conditions recovered quickly.

If anyone is taking a quick breath then the level of carbon dioxide falls down in the blood. So making a person fainted for many amounts of time. If you have fainted due to mild dehydration then it requires only 45 minutes to recover from it and you have to drink water for proper recovery. Also, this time also changes as for how much time you have fainted due to dehydration.

Pregnant Woman2 minutes
Mild Depression45 minutes

Why Does It Take So Long To Feel Better After Fainting?

The real reason for faintness can be standing for a long time in a hall or any place, sleeping late and waking early, a pregnant woman can also get fainted too, etc. Depending upon which type of reason a person is having the fainting condition time varies and then to wake up after faintness varies.

If anyone is suffering from emotional stress then it can happen they faint many times in a day as emotional breakdown is very serious and affects the brain severely so it is to be kept in mind not to take any stress. In times of pregnancy blood pressure drops down to the low bp can cause you to feel weak and then dizziness occurs. So, the time period of fainting varies accordingly to the blood pressure.


Basically changes in the blood vessel influence the fainting time period and then recovering from it. Also, the heartbeat itself has the same influence as a regular heartbeat is normal but an irregular one causes more damages. Many times people don’t eat the food properly it also causes the fainting condition. Also if the person is suffering from dehydration then the time taken to recover is different. How much severe the dehydration also affects the time of recovery.


If someone faints then make them lie on their back and see if they are breathing or not. Doctors advised that you should lift the person’s feet so that blood flow occurs. There are many factors which cause fainting condition that are low sugar level, heartbeats, anemia, also problems related to nervous system causes faintness. Also, anxiety and heart pains also cause the condition of fainting.

The doctor advises taking a lot of fluids that can help your body to regain strength. The doctor also tells that put your head between your knees and sit comfortably so that blood flow can occur through the brain. When you feel spinning then you are not allowed to stand up. Hydrating yourself and home care helps in fewer chances of fainting.



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