How Long After Crown Can I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 1 to 2 hours

Having pain in the teeth can be a painful experience. It can’t be described in words. There are various reasons why tooth pain occurs. It can be due to the age factor or ordinary eating habits. Keeping a watch on this is very important. Many foods can be stuck in your mouth and create an infection there leading to a cavity. A cavity can be deadly severe sometimes.



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It will bother you both physically and mentally. Because of this, you may not be able to focus on anything else. Having proper treatment is important to recover from the pain. The process can sometimes be painful but it is bearable. The exact answer is after one to two hours.

How Long After Crown Can I Eat

How Long After Crown Can I Eat?

Minimum time2 hours
Maximum time3 hours

A crown is prepared in a lab or clinic. You may have to make multiple appointments for the completion of the procedure. First, they will test your teeth and examine them thoroughly and a prescription will be written. It can be a goofy process. When you visit the clinic they cleanse your teeth first to sterilize them for no infection. Then they choose a shade for your teeth for making the crown or cap. Digital scanning is also taken to accommodate the proper shape of your teeth that will look good and which will be easier to chew. This examination should be thoroughly done for better outcomes.

If digital scanning is not available then manually it can be done by taking impressions of teeth. Then preparation of teeth is done by cleaning them thoroughly and preparing them for the process. If there is any cavity found then it is filled. After filling the teeth are given a proper shape so that the crown can fit in. Grinding by specialized tools makes it easier. Various gums can be used to stick it to the gum or a laser can be used as advanced technology.

Various medications are given to avoid bleeding after the laser procedure. After the preparation, the final impression is taken. This impression is of the prepped teeth. After preparation certain changes are done. It can also be taken by digital scanning and manual process. This is done for making an identical crown that can fit the teeth properly so that chewing problems can be avoided. It will take some time so a person should be patient enough to bear this.

Why Should I Wait So Long After Crown To Eat?

After all the preparations are done and measurements are taken, the procedure for making the crown starts. It is done under a milling machine. A milling machine is used to construct designs into its shape. A ceramic mixture when it gets hard is taken to the milling machine and according to the measurements, the making of the crown is performed. The time taken depends on the material and the machine used but it usually takes 15 to 20 minutes in total. you can watch your crown making in the lab as time passes.

After the crown is milled it is taken for steaming to avoid any infection and then taken for fit checking. After the fit checking is done they will take it for furnishing, polishing and bring it back for adhesion procedure. After priming and polishing it is taken for binding with the teeth. The excess material used for binding is brushed off using thing brushes.

After getting crowned you might feel a little bit numb at that place due to anesthesia. You can have a normal meal after sometimes when binding becomes hard. Ensure to take a normal bite because a high or incorrect byte can cause a sore inside the mouth. Slight pain can be felt inside the mouth for a few days after the procedure. Slight swelling can also be there for a few days. But no bleeding occurs during or after the procedure. You can resume normal life as usual after the procedure. If there is any obstacle then you should take medication as directed. Eat light and healthy food to avoid any mouth sores.


Having a crown procedure is safe and secure as there are no side effects. After the procedure, you can brush your teeth regularly. While brushing you should be careful around your crown area. If the brushing is too harsh, it can loosen the binding and the crown can come out of the tooth. If loosening happens then you can come and replace it with another one or can fix it with binding glue. You should be careful while handling the crown.

Temporary fall of the crown is normal and you can replace or fix it. You should obey your clinician’s advice and work according to that. Remember, wherever you are going your smile is going with you. So you should be taking care of it.


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