How Long After Augmentin Can I Drink Alcohol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Six To Eight Hours

Individuals all around the globe are confused regarding the safety of consuming liquor after taking antibiotics like Augmentin. This specific drug is mainly used to treat infections that hinder the normal breathing process. Many anti-bacterial drugs cause several side effects in the body that can harm and make a person ill.



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Generally, doctors recommend not to take alcohol while taking any medicine. This is generally because alcohol reacts negatively with the essential medicines, thereby leading to side effects. Hence, it is advised to cut down on alcohol consumption while following a daily routine of medicines. 

How Long After Augmentin Can I Drink Alcohol

How Long After Augmentin Can I Drink Alcohol?

Antibiotics are known to stay in the human body’s blood flow for a longer duration than other medicinal drugs. This is a clear indication that this category of medicines is a bit slow as far as effectiveness is concerned. If a person is consuming Augmentin regularly, it is advisable to have thorough information regarding what to have and what not to have after having the prescribed dosage of the pill. Regular drinkers might have their specific doubts as well. The side effects of Augmentin do not interfere a lot.

It is crucial to understand the composition and activity of the drug. In this way, it will become easy to reach a valid and logical conclusion, enough to impose that drinking should be postponed for at least a few hours, if not days. However, doctors suggest waiting for a few days before resuming drinking habits. The compounds which constitute this drug react quickly with alcohol, and the reaction is not suitable for the human body. Such an instance might turn fatal if not controlled and treated at the right time.

Conditions Of An IndividualTime After Augmentin To Drink Alcohol
Healthy PersonSix to eight hours
Unhealthy PersonOne to two days

It is advised not to drink alcohol for some time after consuming Augmentin. If the person is fit and fine, a six to eight-hour limit is sufficient. In the case of people suffering from other ailments, including liver problems, it is advisable to keep a gap of at least twenty-four hours after taking Augmentin orally.

Why Does It Take That Long After Augmentin To Drink Alcohol?

It takes that long after Augmentin to drink alcohol because once Augmentin is consumed because the medicine is entirely reactive. For unhealthy individuals, the side effects might be exaggerated beyond normal conditions if the drug is followed by heavy drinking. Since incomplete knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge, one must stay abreast with all the nuances related to a specific drug. It is common to think that Augmentin is simply an antibiotic used to treat minor infections in the body.

The combination of Augmentin components and alcohol might prove to be deadly at times. Another factor that is sure to encourage people to enhance the gap is the efficiency of the medication. It is a widely accepted fact that alcoholic drinks slow down the natural metabolism of the body. This is a clear indication that the antibiotic will soon lose its efficiency if large amounts of liquor are consumed after that. For sick people, dullness might be increased to greater levels, thus interfering with daily life activities.

The by-products of the reactions of alcohol and drug components inhibit the secretion of enzymes in the body. Since enzyme production is hindered, toxic substances begin to get accumulated in different places, and all this culminates into a health hazard. This condition can be easily prevented by contacting the doctor at regular intervals. A day after Augmentin is taken, it is sure to have acted well, and it then passes out of the body with immediate effect.


Overall, it can be concluded that each body reacts differently to different medications and the side effects also vary a lot from person to person. As far as Augmentin is concerned, it is a much and specific commonly used antibiotic. It comes with negligible instructions, and the consumer is supposed to take only a reasonable amount of care while the course is going on.

On average, a healthy person must avoid consuming alcohol for six to eight hours after taking Augmentin. Antibiotics take a little longer to get metabolized and show their effects. Therefore, having patience is essential in this case. Irrespective of the purpose of the medication, one must confirm with the general physician once.


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