How Long After Buying KFC Can You Eat It (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 days

KFC is one of the leading food franchises across the globe. People love the food from KFC.

It is flooded with numerous mouth-watering dishes. Here, most time we also feel like storing the food for some time after buying.

But, is it safe to store the food and consume it later?

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service, Keeping in mind that the food is refrigerated at 40 degrees F (or below) can be consumed within four days.

Keeping the food in the same condition for a longer time will keep the food intact but there are high chances that unwanted bacteria may be raised to potentially unsafe levels.

How Long After Buying KFC Can You Eat It


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How Long After Buying KFC can you Eat it?

Time PeriodQuality of food
1-2 daysCan be consumed
3-4 DaysCan be consumed only if the food was refrigerated at the required temperature
After 4 daysUnwanted bacteria that can lead to food poisoning

One of the most selling food items of KFC is chicken. We are aware of the fact that cooked chicken should not be stored for a longer time.

Similarly, KFC food items should also not be stored and consumed for a long time. It is ideal to store the food for not more than four days after buying it.

The food is cooked and perishable. You should consume it immediately after purchase.

But in any scenario where you would want to store it and consume it later, you should make sure that you place the food item in an airtight container/bag in proper refrigeration mode.


This chicken which is stored in appropriate condition lasts for up to four days. The KFC items should not be consumed after four days as they may adversely affect your health.

You can extend the life of your food item by freezing it. But it is not advisable. If in any case, you want to extend the storage of KFC items, make sure you wrap the food in heavy air-tight aluminum or freezer bags.

Once you wish to eat the food item, you can reheat it in an air fryer at 190-200 C for ten minutes or use a preheated oven for the same. The food should be maximum stored for not more than four days for health concerns.

Why Should you Eat only till 4 Days of Purchase?

Considering all the studies and recommendations, it is advised that KFC food items should be consumed within 3 to 4 days after purchase.

It will stay safe and undried for that period. If we think about the chicken, it will not rot even after four days then why we can not consume it after that.

Here comes the concept of perishable food items. Meat is categorized as perishable food items that are likely to spoil or become unsafe to consume if not kept refrigerated. Poultry, seafood are also some of the perishable food items.

kfc food

KFC is perishable and hence if we leave the food at room temperature, it will be spoiled because bacteria can grow rapidly and the food can become unsafe to eat, so it should only be left out for not more than two hours.

As long as you want to store and keep it for a longer time, it is advised to keep it in an airtight package and freeze condition.

Refrigeration will only slow down the process of bacteria formation but will not eliminate it. It will prevent the growth and multiplication of bacteria on the surface of the chicken.

It ensures that the food doesn’t spoil. Along with that food also loses its nutritional value if kept for long.

kfc hamburger

You can check the food is spoiled or not by checking the discoloring and pungent smell. If you consume the over-stored food item, it may lead to severe stomach poisoning.

This contaminated food will bore foodborne illness and affects health adversely.


Mostly all food items are perishable and should be consumed immediately or within few days after their purchase. KFC is one of the major sellers of meat across the world.

Hence, almost all of us are habitual of eating from KFC. It becomes essential for us to be aware of the duration to which we should be consuming KFC food after buying it.

kfc store

Keeping In mind all the above parameters, it is suggested that KFC food should not be consumed after four days of its purchase.

Whenever you want to store it, keep in mind the above observations. Consumption of over store KFC items may lead to severe health issues. So, eat healthily and stay healthy.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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