How Long After CT Scan can I Take Metformin (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 48 hours

As many individuals know, Metformin is generally used to deal with diabetes. The type of diabetes for which it is used is Type 2 diabetes. The primary people who use this are the ones who are obese and overweight. The usage of Metformin can also extend to be used for polycystic ovary syndrome. They are commonly called Glucophage and are consumed through the mouth.

This is a biguanide antihyperglycemic agent. By this, it means that it works by making sure that the glucose production in the body is decreased. This is achieved by increasing the production of insulin in the body.

How Long After CT Scan can I Take Metformin

How Long After CT Scan can I Take Metformin?

ObjectiveTime Period
Time period to consume Metformin after CT Scan48 hours

The consumption of metformin needs to be terminated much before having your tests taken. This should also be followed exactly 2 days before the test. This is because individuals who do not follow this are at risk of getting lactic acidosis which is the aftereffect of renal failure in the human body.

The side effects that are caused by metformin before, during, and after a CT scan are not found to be fatal. In most cases, the only side effect that is set to appear is that of lactic acidosis. This side effect is treatable and should not be too worried about. This is the effect of lactic acid formation and accumulation in the blood of the human body. Another thing to be informed is that this case is only seen in people having kidneys that do not function properly.

Things to be remembered in consumption of metformin in the period before and after CT scan is that the risks involved with the adjustment in kidney characteristic are relatively low. But people having irregular working kidneys have more chance of getting lactic acidosis.

This drug is available in 2 various variants of tablets. This includes standard-release drugs and another one is slow-release drugs. The Standard-release drugs effectively release metformin into your human body quickly. In most cases, it only requires 1 dose to be consumed. The Slow-release drugs dissolve very slowly so that you do now no longer need to take them repeatedly on the same day. One dose is normally enough, and you may take it together along with your nighttime meal.

Your medical doctor or pharmacist will explain what sort of metformin drugs you are on and a way to take them.

Why Does it Take Long After CT Scan for Consumption of Metformin?

The most important reason for doing so is to ensure that lactic acidosis does not arise due to kidney failure. It should also be noted that one should not consume Metformin after the scan up until your healthcare provider considers the data collected regarding the working of your kidneys and advises you to continue to retake it.

If you haven’t obtained any kind of instruction to appropriately deal with your diabetes while you’re off Metformin, you may want to get in touch with your healthcare company.

You must definitely contact your healthcare company immediately when you have signs and symptoms which include;

• feeling extremely weak, worn-out, or uncomfortable

• uncommon pain in the muscles

• hassle in breathing

• uncommon or sudden bellyache

• feeling extreme cold

• having the feeling of dizziness or light-headed, or growing a sluggish or abnormal heartbeat

It should be understood that people who consume metformin via intravascular administration can be at risk of lactic acidosis which is an oral antidiabetic agent. But it should not be too worried since this rare complication comes into the picture only when the contrast medium that is given to the patient causes renal failure. This will further complicate if the patient continues to consume metformin even when they have renal failure.

The source of metformin is the kidneys of the human body. When the patient continues to consume metformin even after renal failure complications, an accumulation of this drug happens toxically which further leads to lactic acidosis, which is the primary problem.


Metformin consumption as well as taking CT scans are normal things done by normal people. These are things that should be well aware of being seen as a normal case. The process of renal failure after consumption of Metformin can be treated as it is possible by current standards of medical science.

The usage of metformin should always be according to the prescription of a valid doctor. If they are not consumed as told by the doctor, it can lead to several complications that can be challenging in the long run. Similarly, CT scans should also be done only after getting the necessary approval from a doctor.


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