How Long After CT Scan Can You Breastfeed (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three Days

One of the specialized X-rays is a CT scan, computed tomography scan, or conjointly called a CAT scan. X-rays are nothing but types of radio waves that are directed upon the body. Scanning Works of CT are almost similar to other X-ray examinations. Absorbing a particular amount of radiation depends on the part of the body.



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Through scans, cross-sectional pictures or reports of the specific area of the body can be seen. The Number of CT scans does not rely on any of the factors, and there is even no recommended limit. Few tests require specific preparations before the scan, whereas areas like bones, spine, brain, and sinus do not require any preparation.

How Long After CT Scan Can You Breastfeed

How Long After CT Scan Can You Breastfeed?

CT falls under the category of medical scintigraphy technique and is used in nuclear medicine. A radiopharmaceutical, often termed a radioisotope, is attached to the drug. The drug is then used as a tracer after it gets attached to our body. After this, it emits gamma rays that are detected by gamma cameras. Gamma cameras form a three-dimensional image of the target area of our body. The image capturing is very similar to that of an X-ray image capturing.

Various tracers are used, such as 18F-FDG, to detect cancer, oxygen-15 helps measure the blood flow, and NaF-F18 is popularly used to detect bone formation in the body. The procedure involves the use of radiotracers that are radioactive substances helpful in treating various health issues. Different tracers can be used in the process, and the exact tracer is decided after determining the target area of the body. However, the scan is very costly, and not every individual can afford the benefits of this treatment.

Condition Of MotherTime After CT Scan To Breastfeed
Taking other medicinesFour days
Taking no other medicinesThree days

It is not advised to breastfeed immediately after a CT scan as the mother might be radioactive. If the mother is taking any additional medicines, then breastfeeding is prohibited for four days. In contrast, under normal circumstances, breastfeeding can be continued after three days.

Why Does It Take That Long After CT Scan To Breastfeed?

CT is a medical and research tool and is widely used in both clinical and pre-clinical settings. Medical experts use it heavily for the imaging of various tumors inside the human body. It is also used in the search for metastases in various fields of clinical oncology. It is also famous for the treatment of diagnosis of many brain diseases. CT scan also helps enhance the knowledge about the average human brain, supports drug movement and heart functioning. CT scans are also widely used to study various tumors in the animal’s body.

Heavy radiation exposure can prove harmful, but the amount of radiation faced in a CT scan is not scary. As the scan involves gamma rays, the body becomes radioactive for some time, and the radiation goes away slowly as time passes by. The doctors provide all the required guidelines to be followed after completing a CT scan, and it is the patient’s responsibility to adhere to all the instructions provided. To be further certain, most doctors recommend taking PET scans, and a few CT scans to find out the traces of cancer more precisely. You will often be absorbed to envision the recurrences of cancer.

It takes that long after a CT scan to breastfeed because the patient might be a bit radioactive after a CT scan, harming the baby. It is advised to maintain distance from newborn babies, children, and pregnant women after completing a CT scan. The radiation coming out from the patient can be harmful to the people around.


Overall, it can be concluded that a CT scan helps treat various cancer issues and is also valuable for identifying different types of tumors inside the body. The scans are also performed on many animals to study several health issues in them. The scan is very costly and is done only by an authorized medical expert.

On average, breastfeeding is prohibited for three days after a CT scan.  The doctor measures the radiation level of the patient and decides whether it is safe for the person to go close to other individuals. The scan is also widely used for treating many brain diseases.


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