How Long After CT Scan For Results (And Why)?

How Long After CT Scan For Results (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 24 hours

CT scan is one such test where your radiologist will provide your test result in just 24hrs. CT scan is computerized tomography that uses computers and a rotating x-ray machine to create a cross-section of any part of your body.

With the help of a CT scan the affected bone, soft tissues, and blood vessels can be visualized. Generally head, shoulder, chest, heart, abdomen, spine, and knee are visualized through a CT scan. CT scan is mainly used to diagnose diseases and to evaluate injuries. Once the CT scan is done then that report is sent to the radiologist who can make u understand the condition and the scanned report.

How Long After CT Scan For Results

How Long After CT Scan For Results?

Minor scan24 hours
Major test48 hours

During a CT scan, you have to lie in a tunnel-like machine, where the machine will rotate and click the x-ray pictures from a different angle. These pictures are sent to a computer attached to it where these X-rays are combined to create a cross-section of the body or 3D imaging of the particular body part.

During the whole procedure, you have to wear a particular dye called a contrast material which is used to create a contrast effect so that the internal structure may show up more clearly on the imaging. The contrast material is used so that it can block the x-ray at some points and can appear white on the images as a result the other structures which are being examined can be highlighted.

When you arrive at the hospital for a CT scan you will be asked to change into a hospital gown and to remove all the jewelry items you wear including your specs and dentures. Then the next will be that you will be asked by your doctor to lie on a table in a prone position. Eventually, that table will slide inside a tunnel-like CT scanner for examination.

CT Scan

During the CT scan, you need to stay still to have clear imaging because the movement can cause blurry pictures. From the control room, the examiner can see you and hear you, you can communicate with them via an intercom. At some point, the doctor may ask you to hold your breath for some time to get a clear image of your chest. If your child is going for a CT scan doctor may recommend a sedative to keep the child still posting.

Why Should One Wait So Long After CT Scan For Results?

Once the CT scan is over you have to wait for the next day to receive the report. CT scan images are sent to the radiologist for examination. A radiologist is a specialist for diagnosing and treating the condition using imaging techniques.

CT scan report is said to be normal if the radiologist didn’t find any fractures, tumors, blood clots, or any other abnormalities in the report. You may have mild problems other than any structural deformities inside your body. The next will be your doctor who will give you the medication and treatment plan according to the diagnosis. He may suggest you do any other tests for more details.

When any abnormalities are detected in your CT scan report like fractures, blood clots, tumors, etc you may need further tests and treatment as suggested by your doctor. CT scan is well suited for diagnosing infections, muscle disorders, bone fractures, tumors, cysts, internal injuries, internal bleeding. A study of the blood vessels and evaluation of the effectiveness of medical conditions like cancer can also be done.

CT Scan

Although a CT scan uses higher radiation than a typical x-ray the risk of causing Cancer due to this radiation is very little if you have one scan. If you have multiple CT scans the risk may increase. The risk is also higher in the case of children, especially in the abdomen and chest area. Some people may be allergic to the contrast material because they contain iodine. If you feel an adverse reaction to the contrast material then inform your doctor about that.


A CT scan is always suggested by doctors while you have any brain injury to find out the brain bleeding. But brain tumors are more visible in MRI. Because it is an advanced technology it is one of the fastest ways to diagnose illness. If you have still queried about the period of getting the report of CT scan, then talk to the consultant. Before going for a CT scan the radiologist will provide you enough knowledge to solve your queries.


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