How Long After DBZ is DB Super (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 months

DBZ is an abbreviation used to connote the Dragon Ball Z show that was created as a successor to the well-known anime show Dragon Ball. DBZ is an anime show that encapsulates the adventures of Goku and his Z warrior friends as they fight evil to protect the world. The show has a total of 291 episodes that chronicle this tale.

DB Super, on the other hand, connotes the Dragon Ball Super series. This is also an anime show that was launched as a sequel to the DBZ series. It effectively picks up the storyline from where the DBZ show ended.

How Long After DBZ is DB Super

How Long After DBZ is DB Super?

Measuring time gaps between sequels can be daunting because there are different methodologies used by different people to ideate an answer. One way can be by measuring the real gap between the release of the two shows, while another can be the on-screen storylines pursued and the time gap between them.

Over the years, the Dragon Ball series has released several installments for fans to continue the frenzied fan-following for the anime world. DBZ and DB Super are both a part of this journey. However, the timeline of the shows in the series confuses even the most avid of viewers. They can definitely be challenging for a novice anime viewer.

At the end of the Dragon Ball Z show, a magnificent battle ensues. The battle between Goku and Majin Buu marks the end of the Dragon Ball Z show. DB Super starts 6 months after this event.

However, Dragon Ball Super picks up right after this memorable battle. The show begins when the earth is peaceful and quiet after the notorious battle with Buu. However, this gap between the two shows is gauged in accordance with the on-screen storylines pursued in each. The air time gap between the shows was far greater.

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Dragon Ball Z aired for the first time in the world in the period between 1989 and 1996. Its official sequel, Dragon Ball Super was aired from 2015 to 2018. This indicates that there exists a long time gap- spanning a total of almost 26 years- between the two installments of the Dragon Ball series.


In summary:

TimelineGap Between the Two Shows
Reel, In-Story6 months
Real26 years

Why Does DB Super Begin So Long After DBZ?

There is only a gap of 6 months between DBZ and DB Super because the makers wanted to pick up Goku’s saga right from where they had last left. They wanted DB Super to be the official sequel to the immensely popular amine, DBZ. Popular, fan frenzy pressurized them into pursuing Goku’s story.

Thus, they had to minimize the gap between the aftermath of the battle with Buu and Goku’s march to godhood. In Dragon Ball Super, the makers highlighted how Goku’s power levels boosted up and how he trained with the deities of the multiverse to attain enhanced powers. It also introduced new villains into the Dragon Ball universe.

However, the real-time lapse between the shows was because the makers had already released a filler show titled Dragon Ball: GT. This show was highly critiqued by fans. They expected a continuation of Goku’s story but instead had to make peace with this new storyline. Thus, the makers finally gave in to popular demand and classed the show as a separate standalone storyline.


Similarly, from 2009 to 2011, the Dragon Ball Z Kai show was aired as a re-mastered variant of the original DBZ show. The Dragon Ball universe was also expanded to movies when two DBZ movies were released in between the two shows. Therefore, in between the two shows, the makers pursued several other storylines and sages to expand the Dragon Ball universe. This further lead to the increase in the time gap between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

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Dragon Ball Z was a beloved anime show that chronicled the life of the young adult protagonist- Goku. The show ended after 291 episodes. However, the storyline of the show was soon picked up by another fan-favorite- Dragon Ball Super. DB Super continued the storyline for over another 150 plus episodes.

The time-lapse between the two shows is confusing for novice viewers. They need guidance when navigating the maze of Dragon Ball shows and events. The DB Super part of the series takes place 6 months after the events displayed in the DBZ timeline. However, in reality, the time difference between the two shows is much longer.



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  1. The show’s creators have truly made the time gap between the two shows an integral part of the storyline, continuing it seamlessly.

  2. The long time gap between the shows surprises and disappoints me. I would have expected the sequel to come sooner.

    1. I see where you’re coming from, but this time gap can be seen as a way to continue and build upon the Dragon Ball universe.

    2. I think many people were eagerly waiting for the sequel and the long gap was seen as a delay and caused disappointment as a result.

  3. The time gap between the shows seems to have been influenced by the fan’s perception and what they wanted for the storyline continuation.

    1. I disagree, I think the time gap was due to the storyline expansion the makers pursued between shows.

  4. I believe the time gap serves to add to the storyline, giving a way to show character development and new arcs in the series.

  5. In my opinion, the time gap added to the anticipation and excitement for the sequel, making the wait worthwhile.

  6. The time gap between the shows is a testament to the rich mythology and universe the creators have built over the years.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, it highlights the depth of the Dragon Ball series and its compelling storyline.

  7. The time gap between the shows has brought a lot of debate amongst fans, it’s fascinating to see the different viewpoints.

  8. I think the time gap between the shows adds to the anticipation and excitement for the viewers, it gives them time to miss the characters and the story.

    1. I agree! The shows have sages and storylines as part of the Dragon Ball universe which adds depth and interest to the series.

    2. I disagree, the long time gaps between the shows can be annoying and make the series hard to follow. I prefer shorter gaps.

  9. The Dragon Ball series is an anime classic and I find the way each show picks up where the previous one left off to be a testament to the creators’ commitment to the story.

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