How Long Can A Person Stand Up For (And Why)?

How Long Can A Person Stand Up For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: For 11-12 days

Many of us spend time sitting down. Working in the office, gossiping with friends, eating in the dining room, and maybe watching tv all these activities require me to sit down. But there are some jobs or activities, without standing these couldn’t be done.

Persons who are doing a job in an office need to sit for more than 5 hours a day. Their lifestyle is a sedentary one. So now people are using standing desks and opt for doing work, but simply the answer is no when you ask “Is prolonged standing is good”?According to the world record, a boy of 11 yrs old set a record of standing for 264 hrs that is almost 11 days.

How Long Can A Person Stand Up For

How Long Can A Person Stand Up For?

Normal case7 days
Prolonged standing12 days

Prolonged standing means standing for more than or about 8 hours. Most of the people with office work need not stand for this amount of time but the person having manual jobs needs a standing posture for a prolonged duration. There are some awful health conditions linked with persons who need to be on their feet for a long time. The most common risks associated with prolonged standing include chronic venous insufficiency, lower back pain, foot pain and may have birth complications for pregnant women. However, these problems are more certain if you stand still for more than 5 hours.

Although you are doing manual work for a prolonged time for standing, if you are moving along and your hands are also involved at some point then these risks are less likely to happen. If you find backaches while standing too long then try to do some back exercises which include stretching and strengthening of muscles. By strengthening core workouts can give you the best results to prevent back pain.

Stand Up

One of the major benefits of standing and working is that you may burn more calories than sitting and doing work. You can burn twice the calories while standing than to sit. During the research, it was found that an obese person sits 2hrs longer than a thin person in a day. So one can say standing is more beneficial and good for health than sitting. However, standing puts more pressure on the weight-bearing joint like hip and knee then it is best if you stand and sit both.

Why Can A Person Stand Up For So Long?

Adding a few small habits each day could result in a healthy lifestyle. Rather than suffer from unnecessary health complications in the future it is best to have prevention for that. It is a fact that everyone needs to be active. There is a study which says that sitting for a prolonged time is too bad for us no matter how much they do exercises in the morning.

This is not a piece of good news for the people who have to work on computers attaching files and doing work by sitting all day. People who sit for too long a day are more prone to having type 2 diabetes and a low metabolic rate. There are some habits which could be adopted to reduce the time of sitting for long. Avoid sitting in a bus or train while traveling for a short distance or You can walk or go by cycle.

Take a short walk in your lunch break while walking you may enjoy some music and the fresh air out. Avoid lifts and do use the steps wherever possible. You can take quick breaks from the table and walk a little. While standing near your desk you can type and do your work for a short time. These are some small changes that can make a big difference in your lifestyle. However, when they became your habit you wouldn’t find you are doing this.

Stand Up

On the other hand, if you stand for a long time then try to stop that by breaking the time by sitting down. Most of the people got varicose veins as a result of prolonged standing. The inflammation may progress over time and may get chronic and painful.


Standing is a natural posture of humans and it doesn’t cause any problems. However standing for a long time can cause immobilization of joints like the hip, knee, and spine. Standing for a long time regularly can cause sore feet, swelling of legs, muscular fatigue, stiff joints, and back pain.

These are some of the most familiar complaints among machine workers, traffic police officers, assembly line workers, and others whose job needs a prolonged duration of standing. Standing for a long time effectively reduces the lower weight-bearing muscles. Insufficient blood supply causes the onset of fatigue and pain in muscles of the leg and other loaded muscles.


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