How Old Is Goku In DB Super (And Why)?

How Old Is Goku In DB Super (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 32 Years

The anime series popular by the name of Dragon Ball began with the first series of Manga. Subsequently, Dragon Ball Super took over. Since then, there have been numerous other sequels as well. As far as the age of the heroes is concerned, the anime heroes are quite important. It is highly popular among young people as well as the elderly folk due to the wide range of entertainment provided.

One of the heroes, Goku, is considered a significant part of the series with time. All these characters were brought to life by Akira Toriyama, a Japanese writer. The series aired for the last time in 2015 and all the heroes were kids at that time. With progression in the main plot, all of them have grown up to be adults and the priorities of the series have also changed to a considerable extent.

How Old Is Goku In DB Super

How Old Is Goku In DB Super?

As per the anime series, Goku is the main lead of the Dragon Ball series who is a Godly creature. By Godly creature, it does not necessarily imply a father figure in the context of this show. Goku is a normal person sent to earth by the Gods. The main motive cited by the creators is related to destruction, that is, the earth is in danger after Goku takes birth.

This is not in contradiction with Goku’s age. The Saiyan baby boy went through a series of transformations as years passed by. Certain human attributes have also been matched as the chronology begins from infancy and then the Dragon Ball series’ protagonist increases in bodily proportions to take the shape of a fully grown human male. All other heroes are known to follow suit.

There is a gap between the two series as well. This has no significant effect on the hero’s aging as alien age is not counted progressively. Since the series continues from where the last series went off the air, Goku is considered to be thirty-two years old in Dragon Ball Super. There have been numerous controversies regarding age but all of them stem out from the age gaps and not the skipping of series in between.

Dragon Ball

In Summary:

Type of AgeAge
Physical Age32 years
Psychological Age39 years

Why Is Goku So Old In DB Super?

Goku is physically thirty-two years old, and psychologically thirty-nine years old. This is due to the four-year-long time lapse that occurs before Dragon Ball Super. As mentioned before, the gaps have no effect on the aging of heroes like Goku. This is because Goku, the protagonist, is supposed to collect dragon balls present in the fictional reality, irrespective of the year going on.

Dragon Ball Super series succeeds the Z (read as “zee”) and precedes the GT series. All these three franchise heads came out consecutively in order to maintain the timeline. This finds significance in the popularity of the show as age gaps lead to a lot of variation in supposed heroic values for different Dragon Ball seasons. In the era of fictional reality, it was age 732.

Dragon Ball

The age representation in such fiction shows might not comply with the real world. Therefore, the distinction between Goku’s physical and psychological age is not completely demarcated. As far as other heroes are concerned, it is not necessary that they age in the same age proportion as that of Goku. It would be important to understand that roles are assigned as per the character’s age and predecided intellect.


It is quite natural to get addicted to a particular anime series. In this context, pure Japanese series like Dragon Ball have never failed to impress the regular watchers. With time, young adults become passionate about a particular hero, which makes each and every small detail significant. Likewise, the age of Goku was much disputed when Dragon Ball Super was on air for the first time. Goku is aptly represented as a strong adult hero,


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