How Long After Eating Can I Sleep (And Why)?

How Long After Eating Can I Sleep (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two Hours

Sleep is essential to almost all living beings. Thousands of organisms depend on sleep to restore their energy. We can define sleep as a state in which a person is in the absence of wakefulness. It is a natural process where a living being is subjected to take rest automatically if being too tired. 

In humans, when they work for so much time, they will experience a state called Somnolence which is a state of an extreme desire for sleep. However, whether a person is working or not, he indeed requires a particular amount of sleep. The amount of sleep a person needs depends on factors related to human physical and mental conditions.

How Long After Eating Can I Sleep

How Long After Eating Can I Sleep?

A small disruption in your daily routine could have a serious effect on a person’s life. Doctors and professionals recommend people wait for at least two hours after they have completed their dinner. You should also remember that you should not drink hours for at least one hour before going back to bed. If you are an office-going person, then I am sure you have to go back to work early, and you have to complete your meal early too. People who habit of going to sleep soon after they have had their meal could suffer from serious symptoms like stomach upset, indigestion, and heartburn.

Sleep is helpful for humans to enhance overall health. It helps the brain to release toxic waste while sleeping. It also increases glycogen levels in the brain. Sound sleep will improve the overall functioning of the brain. We indeed sleep to give some rest to the brain to refrain from thinking. Sleeping is also associated with the repairing of blood vessels and the heart. If we get enough sleep, there are fewer chances of prone to diseases. Moreover, concentration levels also increased with a good rest in living beings, including humans. 

Events After EatingTime After Eating
Drinking waterOne hour
SleepingTwo hours

It is advised to wait for one hour after eating to drink water because fluids in the stomach can slow down digestion. In contrast, sleeping must be avoided for two hours after eating.

Why Does It Take That Long After Eating To Sleep?

Do not opt for junk foods if you like having bedtime snacks or late dinner before sleeping. This is one of the most common habits for most people because they tend to eat many junk foods. Some people end up eating pizzas, burgers, Oreos, and other such kinds of stuff. Going for sweetened products is another bad choice because they are high in calories, and they trigger cravings for more. Eating something sweet becomes a habit for most people, and thus they cannot resist themselves after they had a meal.

In this world of busy schedules and less rest, one might be prone to several health issues. From many studies, it is evident that most of the working people are getting only five or six hours of sleep. It will create long-term health issues like diabetes, cardiac diseases, and many more. Many people who are deprived of sleep will experience depression, emotional breakdown, absence of peace. These problems, in turn, affect the working capabilities of that person. Generally, a person requires enough sleep such that the brain functioning is normalized after being too tired. 


It is not advised to sleep immediately because the foods need to be properly digested after ingestion. If a person sleeps immediately, then the body might not be able to digest the food properly, leading to many health complications.


Finally, it can be concluded that you need to take care of your precious body because once you fall sick, it could be permanent. Things like constipation, liver problems, and other things may arise if you suffer indigestion. Irregular eating and sleeping habits can be harmful to an individual’s health.

On average, it is advised to sleep after two hours of eating food for proper digestion. It is best to consult with a doctor in case you are having trouble with bowel movements. However, if you can take care of yourself, there would be no issues arising, and you can maintain a healthy life.


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