How Long After Applying Minoxidil Can I Sleep (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two Hours

Minoxidil falls under the category of medication and drugs and is used in treating high blood pressure. The drug is also helpful in treating pattern hair loss in females and males. It is a type of antihypertensive vasodilator. The medication is readily available in all the medical stores. Minoxidil is mainly prescribed as an oral tablet, but it is also available in a liquid or foam form.

The name of Rogaine also trades minoxidil. The half-life of the drug is approximately four hours, and the kidney excretes it. The molecular formula of the medicine contains nine carbon atoms, five nitrogen atoms, and a solitary oxygen atom. Hydrogen atoms are responsible for filling the remaining valences.

How Long After Applying Minoxidil Can I Sleep

How Long After Applying Minoxidil Can I Sleep?

Minoxidil is partially soluble in water, and the freezing point of the drug is around two hundred fifty degrees centigrade. The molecular mass of the medicine is approximately two hundred ten grams. The main benefit of using minoxidil is that it helps hair growth and is also very effective in treating hair loss. Individuals suffering from androgenic alopecia are the ones who are affected by hair loss. However, the effect of the drug in individuals with alopecia areata is still unclear.

Minoxidil works well in the short term, but for getting long-term results and maintaining any amount of hair growth, the medicine must be taken for an indefinite period and should be taken regularly. Minoxidil was first developed by the American company named the Upjohn company in the late 1950s. The medicine was initially made to treat ulcers in dogs but was later found ineffective. However, the drug emerged as a potent vasodilator.

Effects On Hair After Applying MinoxidilTime Taken
Partially driedThirty minutes after applying
Completely driedTwo hours after applying

The foam or solution of minoxidil applied takes some time to dry. The hairs are partially dried within thirty minutes after the solution is applied. In contrast, for the solution to get thoroughly dried, an individual must wait for two hours. If the solution is washed off before two hours, there will be no benefit of using it.

Why Does It Take That Long After Applying Minoxidil To Sleep?

Minoxidil has various hair benefits, but there are also specific side effects of the medicines reported by the patients taking the drug. Some of the most common symptoms reported after drug usage include erectile dysfunction, reduced semen volume, prostatitis, reduced penile sensitivity, brain fog, heart palpitations, frequent urination, and a few others. However, it is unclear whether these side effects are a direct result of the medicine or are caused due to reasons other than the drug.

After applying the solution to the hair, the individual must sit in one place and cover the upper body with a cloth to prevent the body from getting affected. After the solution is partially dried, the person can do regular works such as walking and cooking. However, the person must not sleep until the solution is wholly dried because, in that case, the solution might be soaked by the bedsheets, which will not only make them dirty but will also cease the solution to work effectively on the hairs.

However, the drug should only be used if a medical practitioner prescribes it. Some people randomly go to medical stores and purchase the medicine. Such an intake of the drug can be very harmful to the body and can have severe complications. After consulting a medical expert, a schedule should be finalized for the intake of the drug. Adults are advised to apply 1 milliliter of the solution twice a day for getting accurate results.


Finally, it can be concluded that minoxidil is a type of medication mainly prescribed for treating hair loss. Other different names also trade the compound in the medical sector, and the melting point is very high. The medicine is available in tablet form, but it is mainly used in liquid solutions and applied to the hairs.

On average, a person can sleep after two hours of applying the solution. The solution takes some time to get dried completely, and it is crucial not to use beds in those two hours as it will lead to stain marks on the bedsheets, and the solution might not be completely effective.


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