How Long After Enema Can You Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 1 hour or when the test is done

There are numerous methods to cure constipation or to know about the presence of any type of cancer in the colon area. One of them is an enema.

Most probably, an enema is used to get relief from severe constipation. However, several enemas are used to clean the colon area which further helps in better detection of any sort of colon (and related) cancers.

The process involves the injection of certain liquid/gas into the rectum so that its content is expelled out (for better X-ray imaging). Since the process depends on bowel movement, it is also important as to when to eat after the enema procedure has been performed.

How Long After Enema Can You Eat


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How Long After Enema Can You Eat?

It is advised to eat anything after one hour or after the test (if you are to get your colon checked for some issues) has been done. The time period to take any sort of food varies.

For example, if you took an enema before undergoing some operation, you can eat only after the doctor has said so. Otherwise, you’ll be on a liquid diet (most probably). If it was regarding constipation issues, you can eat anything that very moment.

In such cases, you should try to keep your body hydrated and eat certain foods that help in rebuilding the probiotics in the gut. Generally, you should wait for at least 30-40 minutes before eating so as to the things settle. Many people don’t feel like eating, just after they had taken an enema.

Now that the time to eat has been discussed, you should also be aware of other ‘to do’ while taking an enema. The first being, avoid eating anything for 30-40 minutes before taking an enema. Though you may take water. Make sure that you are somewhere near the washroom.

Everything has its own risk. Though enemas are safe/easy to use, some side effects may occur if the user hasn’t been done in a proper way. Some of the side effects are- bloating, infections, inflammation, vomiting, nauseous feeling, severe cramps, etc.

EnemaTime (to eat)
In General30-40 minutes after taking enema
Recommended by many60 minutes after enema
Medical procedureAs advised by the doctor

Why Does It Take So Long To Eat After Enema?

Enemas are used to clean out the rectum/bowel before any medical procedure or relieve constipation. It has its effect on the body for near about an hour. And while it is working in the body, you’ll have to stay near the bathroom in case you want to freshen up.

Taking food after 20-30 minutes would be okay so that the things settle up. It causes certain contractions which won’t let you feel like taking any food. Thus, it is advisable to eat anything after 1 hour (or when the test has been performed), so that the effect of the enema has been worn off.

Wondering what it feels like after using an enema? Frankly speaking, inserting some lubricated tube doesn’t appear to be something natural. Besides, it creates a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen area. The person might also experience some contractions. it indicates the proper working of the med.


Now that you know how long after an enema can you eat (also about its working), you should be well aware of when it is needed. Doctors recommend using enema in case of constipation, gastrointestinal problems, inflammation/bleeding caused in the rectum. They also recommend it in case of some medical procedures (for proper examining of the colon).

Many use it to cleanse the body of any toxins, detoxify the liver, proper immune functioning, etc. Besides, an enema can be performed at home as well.


An enema is a famous treatment used by many worldwide to flush the bowel matter out of the body. It has its effect on the body for at least an hour. Since it’s related to the bowel, what you eat or drink before after the procedure affects you considerably.

You are advised, not to eat anything 30 minutes before the procedure. After the enema procedure, you can do it the very next moment though waiting for 30-40 minutes would be a good idea (to let things settle).  In case you took an enema for some medical procedure, you may eat as advised by the doctor.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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