How Long After ET Does Implantation Occur (And Why)?

Exact Time: 28 days

Implantation is a procedure in which when an embryo that is in the stage of development attaches itself to the uterine walls and is present there only till the embryo is being given birth. This embryo is in motion like a blastocyst via the uterus. Implantation activates the hormones related to the pregnancy.

It is being said that ET or embryo transfer is the last step taken in the process of IVF. There are two ways in which an embryo can be transferred or ET can happen are Fresh Embryo and Frozen Embryo. You can walk safely and easily after the implantation of an embryo.

How Long After ET Does Implantation Occur


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How Long After ET Does Implantation Occur?

Women have to wait only about two weeks to get to know that if pregnancy has occurred or implantation is done properly. Embryo transfer can be done on either day three or day five when the eggs are fertilized for one to two days which are being removed from the women’s ovaries. After the fifth day, the embryos implant themselves and it has been observed that it take place after 1 week when fertilization of the egg is being done.

On the first day, it is the first day of a menstrual period. From day 14 to day 16, it is the time for ovulation to occur. Then just before 20th-day fertilization occurs. And then till 26th-day implantation of blastocyst or embryo occurs. So, in this way, all this happens. In IVF, implantation occurs within 10 days of the time period from the day when the doctor has taken out eggs from the women’s ovaries which are after five days. This when compared to ideal implantation occurring naturally. There is also later implantation which occurs at the late end of the span.

It is being observed that implantation occurs after 8 to 9 days after fertilization has taken place. It can happen early like within 6 days or can occur lately like within 12 days after ovulation has occurred. Fresh embryo implant itself in between one to two days. But frozen takes much more time than that.

ET Implantation
IVF20 to 24 days
Naturally28 days

Why Does It Take So Long For Implantation To Occur After ET?

The successful implantation of an embryo depends upon the embryo and how they are implanting in the uterus. So, it can take time accordingly to the work or function the embryo does. After the process of insemination, the implantation takes many days as it is in the initial days for the fertilized egg and it had to take a long way to get implanted. The trophoblast is a tissue that surrounds this fertilized egg.

Also, naturally, it takes more time for implantation than due to IVF. As in IVF, egg combined with sperm outside the woman body and culturing of the embryo is done outside too with proper medication. So the process is a little faster than naturally occurring in women’s bodies. But sometimes it may take more time too.

ET Implantation

One more point frozen embryos take more time that is in 5 days the implantation occurs comparing to the fresh embryo which takes two days for implantation. So, depending upon which type of embryo you are using for implantation also affects the time period for implanting the embryo. In one way help the embryo to successfully adapt to the changes in the uterus from the outside environment. Also helps in the healthy birth of a child.


There are many signs that yes implantation is succeeded and the woman is now pregnant that are: cramping, bleeding lightly, tiredness, want to pee more, also bloating is also observed. You have to avoid exercises that are difficult to do while implantation has occurred. More amount of bed rest is needed now. You can’t be on diet all long.

You are being advised by the doctor to eat more quantity of food. Also, take less stress. Drink more fluids. Take bath with a warm shower. Protect yourself from any sort of infection. Frozen embryo transfer is more successful than fresh embryo transfer.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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