How Long Does It Take to Learn Java – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 21 days

Java is a programming language designed for the general purpose and considered easier than C++. Java has become rather popular due to its versatility and compatibility. Java can be used in mobile applications, software development as well as in extensive systems development.



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Currently, most of the smartphones the world over, run on the Android operating system. Android is written in java, thus being conversant with java as a developer will grant you significant opportunities. This article will cover the amount of time required to learn java both from scratch as a newbie and as a person with basic knowledge.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Java

How long it takes to learn java?

The amount of time you will need will depend on whether you have any basic knowledge in coding programming or not and your learning capabilities. For beginners, you will need to learn OOP or Object-Oriented Programming. OOP is considered the backbone of java, and thus before anything else, you need to learn this.

Learning the syntax can take you as little as 21 days, but if you want to learn and understand the language so that you can be able to develop an application in java, it’s safe to give yourself at least one year of learning.

To become a java programmer, one does not need a background in mathematics or engineering, and java is made for beginners. The most fundamental requirement is for you to have determination, a logical mind as well as be a hard worker. Since java can be used for various things, the amount of time you spend learning will significantly depend on to what end you want to learn java.

Could be you want to learn to develop web applications, design desktop applications or design games, what you want with your java knowledge will affect

Why does it this long to learn java?

Although java is a programming language, learning it is more than learning a foreign language. There are different sections of learning java, and each section has its level of difficulty and thus has different amounts of time designated to them. Since you are not going to school to learn this, you are in charge of how fast or how slow you take the course.

Fundamental learning of programming

This section is recommended to be the first area you tackle in your course. It will take you 1-6 months to cover. University undergrad students bring a whole semester for this section. This section contains the basics, such as looping.

Art of algorithm

This section is quite complex; at first, you may feel confused, but you need to keep at it because it is very essential. In this section, you will learn things like Encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance among others. Applying what you study in this section will help you feel motivated to go on, this section is given an approximate period of 3 months.

Syntax of programming language

This section involves going over what is learned to master and learn multiple languages. Here you will clarify concepts such as data types, syntax, multi-threading, among others. If you have mastered the art of algorithm section and fundamental learning of programming sections, this section will be rather easy for you. It could take you as little as two weeks. However, a month or so is allocated for this section.


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