How Long After LMP Does Ovulation Occur (And Why)?

How Long After LMP Does Ovulation Occur (And Why)?

Exact Time : 12-14 days

The liberation of the egg that got ripe in the fallopian tube after releasing from the ovary is known as ovulation. Ovulation always occurs once a month. LMP is defined as the last menstrual period. It is nothing but the time when your menstrual period has lasted when you become pregnant. It is used by the doctor to tell at which date you are going to expect your child. Basically, it is told that it can be after 40 weeks or sometimes a little time before 40 weeks from LMP.

Before falling pregnant it is the first day when periods have ended or the day at which your menstruation lasts. Remember that ovulation always occurs before your periods start as it makes the egg so much time is needed hence after a certain time your periods start.

How Long After LMP Does Ovulation Occur

How Long After LMP Does Ovulation Occur?

Ovulation mainly occurs for one time in a whole month. It basically occurs for up to 10 days. The timings of ovulation can vary depending upon the menstrual cycle and how regular it is. Many people get ovulated from eleven to twenty-one days, any day among these. Remember it is not necessary that ovulation occurs on the same day or date. These can vary from that which was expected either sooner or later. In a pregnant woman, ovulation starts after forty-five to ninety days when they have given birth to the child.

To calculate the time for ovulation you have to start from the first day of LMP. Or you can also calculate it by taking approximately twelve to fifteen days from the succeeding expected period. Many people have the same time period for ovulation but there are few women who ovulate within a week or even after their last period. So, some have an exceptionally short cycle of ovulation. This is a natural thing for them.

Timings of ovulation can change like timings of period changes. There can be an odd cycle where the women haven’t ovulate. Ovulation only survives for 12 to 24 hours and occurs only once in each and every particular menstrual cycle. If a woman is healthy having a good fertility rate then it can happen that she can have a cycle for short days or may have a long day cycle.

ProcessTime Period
PeriodsBefore 12-14 days
PregnancyAfter 45-90 days

Why Does It Take So Long For Ovulation To Occur After LMP?

Ovulation is mostly affected by how much stress you are taking, if you are suffering from any diseases or any sickness, taking medicines or medication, changing lifestyles, etc. If such things are then it may increase or decrease the time of ovulation. Sometimes, obesity causes stopping in ovulation too. Excessive exercises also affect ovulation considering the less weight of a person too. So more chances of delay of ovulation occur.

The age factor also affects ovulation. The proper protein food affects ovulation in a positive way. There are many hormones that affect the ovulation period or ovulation. The first is the Luteinising hormone which helps in activating ovulation. Another one which is Follicle-Stimulating, aids in maturing it. Also, other vital hormones are present which affects mostly ovulation. So, in this way either increasing or decreasing the time period of ovulation.

If there is any problem in the uterine lining so it may also affect the ovulation period. Also, if there is any blockage or damage in the fallopian tube then ovulation gets seriously affected. So, the duration of ovulation varies. There is also one thing that affects the ovulation process, which is PCOS. Here hormonal changes or enlarging of ovaries can cause it. It is a type of disorder. So, indirectly creating further problems.


One egg is released from the ovary during ovulation. If the eggs are unable to become fertilized then they are absorbed by the uterine lining. So, the women get the period. There is one important point that brain is the major part that controls all activities. So, ovulation is also being controlled by the brain, and the part of the brain which controls it is hypothalamus during the menstruation.

There is one indication that you are ovulating or now ovulation has started- it is you feel the mucus or white discharge coming out from your vagina side and it is thick. This is also a sign of fertilization in a woman. Also, remember to eat a balanced diet food not too much food having high calories.


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