How Long After Eyebrow Lamination Can I Shower (And Why)?

How Long After Eyebrow Lamination Can I Shower (And Why)?

Exact Time: 24 hours

Eyebrow lamination is now a process that makes or creates shiny and even eyebrows. It is also called eyebrow perm ( twirl). The effects are found out for those people who have thin and in different directions eyebrows. It is also known as brow lamination sometimes. It set them out in a uniform manner and shape for a specific period. It is found that it lasts up to 4 to 6 weeks depending upon how much care you are putting on it. Many times it is being told that laminate brows so that they can last longer.

How Long After Eyebrow Lamination Can I Shower

How Long After Eyebrow Lamination Can I Shower?

It is being said by the beautician that you are not allowed to get your brows wet for at least 24 hours and hence avoid exercises and showering. The eyebrows lamination is to be treated with utmost care for the first 24 hours. Even you are not allowed to touch the eyebrows. No baths, no swimming, etc are allowed. Also, the person who is laminating will tell you not to take even a shower for at least 24 hours. Even if you want to wash the face for the first few days then take more care of the region of the eyebrows which was being laminated.

But you can use eyebrow makeup to darken it. After 24 hours you can wash your face with any of the products. It was being recommended that don’t come in direct contact with sunlight for at least 48 hours. After 48 hours put some oil in the eyebrows to rehydrate them. Many of the technicians recommend you that wait for at least 48 and make your brows dry for 48 hours. It is also being said to avoid swimming for 48 hours. But after the first day, you can get your brows wet.

Sometimes it is being recommended that wait at least for 2 days till then use cleansing wipes which are good for you. Hard exfoliation products are not allowed as they will directly harm your skin. Here, you have to wait at least for 3 days. Or maybe any product which can affect the setting of your eyebrows is not allowed. Water and oil clogs it so allowed not to use until 24 hours are passed.

Eyebrow Lamination
Ways Time
Face WashAfter 24 hours
SwimmingAfter 48 hours

Why Does It Take So Long to Shower After Eyebrow Lamination?

If eyebrows are wet then they won’t set in the exact place so losing their shape. So, it is being recommended that you have to wait at least 24 hours to set them out. Also, negligence in the care will let the eyebrows becoming the same as it was earlier also congestion of eyebrows may occur and hence the beautification of eyebrows will be lost.

Also, the makeup if to be done should be light and shouldn’t contain any sort of water as it affects the set period of eyebrows which was laminated. Since the eyebrows are being set very carefully and during the process many layers of relaxer cream are spread on your eyebrows. So if anyone wet their eyebrows without consulting a technician then the chance of setting of eyebrows has lost and the style in which they are set won’t be lasting for a longer period.


If you put oil or water then it will clog the hairs and so creating the dull effect to it. Makeup can be oily so it is being said to stop it from being touched by heavy makeup. The exfoliating products which are hard are not allowed to be used as they peel out the skin layer and hence deteriorates the beauty of eyebrows. As it was set with utmost precautions so not be allowed to wash your face for 24 hours as it won’t be looking glossy as expected.


If anyone is overprocessing the eyebrows then the damage of hair and its weaknesses are observed. Even a change in direction of eyebrows hair also affects the risk of breaking it. Lamination doesn’t hurt or you won’t feel any sort of pain due to it. Lamination is only the choice for those persons whose eyebrow hairs grow in different directions.

It is also used for those persons who have very thin brows. If the brows are laminated properly then it looks even wider and full also thick. The eyebrow lamination treatment takes about 15 to 20 minutes and if anyone is doing waxing of the eyebrows then it takes about 40 minutes. If you repeat this process more or regularly then it will affect the brows hair making it look like damaged brows. Also, it causes dryness in the brows.


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  1. Thank you for shedding light on the aftercare procedures for eyebrow lamination. It’s helpful to know how to maintain the results.

  2. The explanation about why we need to wait after lamination makes sense. It’s all about preserving the shape and effects.

  3. The risks of overprocessing eyebrows are concerning. It’s crucial to approach lamination with caution.

  4. I’m skeptical about the effectiveness of eyebrow lamination. Is there enough scientific evidence to support its claims?

  5. The waiting period after lamination seems quite restrictive. It requires a lot of patience to maintain the results.

  6. Eyebrow lamination seems to be a great solution for those with thin or unruly brows. I’m glad it can last for a few weeks.

  7. Although the aftercare instructions seem stringent, it’s essential to protect the investment in lamination.

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