How Long After Positive FFN Till Labour (And Why)?

Exact Time: Between 22 to 35 weeks of pregnancy

FFN is Fetal fibronectin. It is fn protein that is being produced by none other than fetal cells. It is used to attach the fetal sac with uterine lining so can be said as an adhesive or glue which is being prepared by the cells so it is biological in nature. Basically, this type of protein is found when a woman is pregnant. The sac is surrounding the fetus is developing in the uterus of the mother. If you have a positive test of FFN then it means FFN is there in the secretions of the cervix. It maintains the unity between sac and linings.

Fetal Fibronectin test is basically used if any woman is suffering from preterm labor and if she is then the positive test is observed otherwise negative test. If a woman has done recently her pelvic exam then surely she will get false positive results of FFN.

How Long After Positive FFN Till Labour

How Long After Positive FFN Till Labor?

The FFN test is only done when a woman is suffering from or having preterm labor. When you have tested positive for ffn then there are chances of delivering a child in the upcoming 2 weeks. Accordingly, your doctor will check you and advise you what is to be done. The risk factors influence much so you are to be treated with medicine to prevent labor and development of your child’s lung. Doctors told that ffn is mostly observable when you are on your 22 to 35 weeks of pregnancy. As then you suffer from your labor pain mostly. The chances of premature babies are then increased.

So after testing negative to FFN the doctor tells that you won’t be going into labor for the upcoming 2 weeks. FFN is a glue that when comes out tells that the body is preparing for labor now. Few women have their preterm labor at the start of the 26th week. This can be stopped too. But if a doctor’s advice is followed then premature delivery can be delayed. If there is less gap between the first child and the second unborn child then the woman is going to have labor after testing positive for FFN.

Even if anyone is having positive FFN then it doesn’t mean they will get preterm labor truly. A low level of FFN tells that you can have labored in 2 weeks. The chances of preterm labor are observed early than expected during normal pregnancy.

Woman Time
Less time gap between two child26th week
Normal35th week

Why Does It Take So Long For Labor After FFN?

Basically, this is observed because many women have suffered problems with their cervix or uterus so they have surgeries earlier. Hence, preterm labor is expected for them after testing positive for ffn. Or they have earlier also any premature delivery which has increased the chances of preterm labor. At least 2 years gap must be there for recovery from the first pregnancy. So, that there is no indication of positive FFN.

There are also some criteria for the lifestyle as if someone smoke then there are more chances that he or she may have labor earlier due to ffn and have less weight when they are pre-pregnant. If the women have a short cervix then also it affects the earlier labor due to ffn and the chances for preterm are more. Many times it is observed that if it is bleeding when a woman is suffering from pregnancy so it has a direct effect on the ffn. One main reason is that if you have less gap between pregnancies so chances to get labor earlier than normal pregnancy is more after testing positive for ffn.


When you are in a period of pregnancy, if somehow the infection in the uterine has occurred then it causes infection so it makes preterm labor. And this also influences amnion cells to start the production of ffn and give you the labor before the actual labor will occur. So, caring is very must necessary. The food you are going to eat and the exercises which you do in pregnancy also have some effect on it.


It can’t be said that this will reduce if you take a good and for a long time best rest. As the chances of a blood clot increase if you take bed rest for 3 or more days. Nowadays premature baby delivery is very common. The ffn is having a glue-type structure as it causes false or preterm labor but remembers that it shouldn’t affect the child as if it does then the child can die or may have complications.

So, according to the advice of doctors you have to act. The medicine or methods they choose to help you out is the way you and your child can be saved up. Many times proper medications are being given and chances of premature delivery are stopped and then you get a healthy child. So, take less tension and you are allowed to be in a relaxed state so that your child won’t get harmed.


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