How Long After FFP To Check INR (And Why)?

How Long After FFP To Check INR (And Why)?

Exact Time: 210 minutes

FFP is fresh frozen plasma. It is a product that is being made from blood’s liquid part. It is used for treating those who are having low blood clotting ability so we use a factor for it which is INR to resolve this. If INR is greater than 1.5 then you have low blood clotting or low-level blood proteins. Sometimes, it can also be used as fluid for plasma exchange.

It is being available in different names too like one is FFP and the other is octuples. INR is the international normalized ratio used for calculating the results of PT. It is for monitoring each person whose treatment is done with anticoagulants.

How Long After FFP To Check INR

How Long After FFP To Check INR?

When the doctor has given FFP firstly 2 units are given by quickly injecting on vein or tissues. After that doctor will be checking for INR just after 15 minutes when you have taken the injection. If INR is greater than or equal to 1.5 then again take FFP IV with 2 more doses. And so repeat the process till you get INR less than 1.5.

In many cases, you are going to see that you shouldn’t have to wait for an hour to check for INR as they don’t have such requirements. If the doctor checks again or recheck it and found it to be very much higher as expected, then the doctor will directly give you FFP and then they will start the process of recovery of yours.

There is a rule of checking in different countries some check INR for 10 minutes in 1 hour and some as told earlier after giving FFP. Some people have few hours of life so you may not choose to do INR. you will directly admit them. After 2 to 4 hours, it is found that there is quite a declination in the INR factor. The average time when you have been given the first dose of FFP is 210 minutes for those who have more than 1.5 INR factor.

fresh frozen plasma
Normal Case210 minutes
Fatal CaseNo check

Why Does It Take So Long To Check INR After FFP?

Initially, if the doctor checks that you can have an INR value of just a little more than 1.5 then he will try to work by giving FFP. After that, he will try to solve by giving doses till you reach a low value of INR. So, it will consume less time for the patient who is suffering from a high factor value of INR.

FFP is given to a patient who is bleeding or at risk of bleeding. So, if a person is heavily bleeding then you can’t wait to check for INR hence you have to directly give that person FFP so that his life can be saved upon. Everyone has a different body structure therefore it takes a different amount of time for different persons.

fresh frozen plasma

The healing efficiency of FFP is being found out by seeing how levels of different coagulation factors are present on it. The factors are related to who is the donor, or how this is being prepared, how it is stored, and how it defrosting. It is being found that woman who donated plasma has less PTT level than the male is having. The researchers also found out that high INR or anything related to FFP is because of an increase in the age of donors.


You may not know that FFP is also used in stopping and properly managing bleeding which is occurring, it treats TTP too. It is also used as a replacement for coagulation factors. It is also used in surgeries related to the cardiovascular system as it is having a procoagulant. The normal INR is 1or about 0.8 or 1.2. This depends on which type of laboratory you are having.

FFP is to be given straight away after unfreeze is done. If this isn’t used within 24 hours then you have to throw it into waste. As when it is unfrozen then there are factors that are present on it gets to decline. You can store FFP for up to 1 year or less.


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