How Long After Pneumothorax Can I Exercise (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-3 Months

Pneumothorax is a condition where the lungs have been damaged for the patient because of several reasons. Some of the most common reasons for this type of condition are because of an injury or there has been some air that has entered the pleural cavity.

However, this type of condition is quite rare and they are found only in a few people. Over a million cases are reported each year in India about this condition and the main thing is that this type of condition can be treated by a medical professional.

Once you have been diagnosed with this type of condition you might feel difficulty in breathing and you will be restricted to conduct any kind of exercising activity for at least the next 2-3 months.

How Long After Pneumothorax Can I

How Long After Pneumothorax Can I Exercise?

Causes of pneumothoraxDue to an injury, or existing lung disease.
SymptomsPain in the chest of the patient and difficulty in breathing.

If you are showing symptoms like these then you should not wait any longer and go straight for a doctor visit immediately. Since the condition is treatable does not mean it will be gone on its own because you could be needing extreme medical attention that you do not know about.

An injury or filling of air in the pleural cavity can happen to anyone even if the person is completely healthy. Therefore, you are not allowed to exercise once you have been diagnosed with this type of condition because there could be a huge risk in it.


Once you are treated and you have recovered from it completely it is then you can go for running and exercising daily. Doctors will perform certain things in case your condition is severe and once you start breathing on your own without discomfort it is then you can start your exercises.

Most people take around two to three months to recover after they have been diagnosed with pneumothorax. However, this might not be the case for everyone because you can have the chance to recover much faster and take little time.

Why Does It Take That Long After Pneumothorax To Exercise?

It is not only the exercise that should be stopped but there will be other things that you will not be allowed to do. Some of them are traveling on an airplane or going for an underwater swim. All these activities will only put pressure on your lungs when they are in their worst condition.

Lung damage is a serious issue and if left untreated the person might die. Exercising should be stopped until and unless you receive proper treatment for this condition. Once you receive the proper treatment from your medical team it is then you can think about exercising.

You need to take a rest for about a few months before you feel and breathe normally again. If you still face some kind of trouble breathing then you should immediately contact your medical team again and let them know about it as soon as possible.


Depending on your condition it will decide how long will you have to take a rest. If the pneumothorax is small and the tear that has happened in your lung has been found out to be a small one then it might take a few days before it heals completely. You might be prescribed painkillers for the pain after the treatment.

The air that has been trapped will be absorbed by your body. You should also quit smoking if you are into those things because that will only increase the risk factors and make your condition worse.


In the end, you have to recover and lead a healthy and safe life. to make this possible you should not ignore small symptoms because your body needs attention. You should stay away from alcoholic and tobacco kinds of stuff.

Most people fall into the trap of a severe illness only because they are into ill habits which makes them vulnerable to such kinds of diseases. One should exercise and have a balanced diet regularly so that their immune system remains active to fight against several diseases and illnesses.


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