How Long After False Labour Is Real Labour (And Why)?

Exact Time: 2 to 4 weeks

False labor is also known as BH contractions. These are irregular contractions of the uterine. This false labor comes and goes and has no consistency and so no pattern is observed. It is nothing but the sense that you are going into labor pain and so there is a total contraction of the uterine which can even seize you. This lasts only for days or weeks.

And you can’t tell that when you get the real labor pain. In true labor, contraction comes at a regular time interval and comes close enough as time passes by. These contractions only last for about 30 seconds to about 1 minute. Even if you are moving or changing the position the real labor continues but this doesn’t occur in false labor.

How Long After False Labour Is Real Labour


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How Long After False Labour Is Real Labour?

Before the real labor pain occurs women suffer from pseudo or false labor pain. These are very normal to occur in a woman but they are irregular. It can also start within days, weeks, or even within a month when real labor is going to occur. They can occur after the fourth month of pregnancy. It is nothing but a way to tell that now the time has come that you will be going to suffer from the real labor pain. It can also occur in the last 2 to 4 weeks when the due date is there.

Also, real labor occurs when in the final weeks of pregnancy when false labor has finished up. False labor basically occurs in the third trimester but can happen sometimes in the second trimester too. The uterus tightening can occur and it won’t feel the pain that much as expected. This basically occurs for just a few weeks. People can suffer from real labor pain just for 26 hours firstly it will be light and gradually it increases and so they get to know that they are going to give birth to a child. Sometimes it also happens that you can suffer from real labor pain for 1 week just before giving birth to a child. Many women suffer after 35 weeks the labor pain.

Just after three days when your false labor finished off, you will have to prepare for real labor pain. After the 36th week of pregnancy, you can suffer from false labor pain. Around the 37th week, you can have labored for the whole two days. After that few days you won’t suffer any labor but after that one day in 38th week you suffer from real labor pain and after that on the second day again your labor pain starts and at night dies out but then water broke and hence a time for the delivery has reached now.

NormalLast 2 to 4 weeks
Complicatedafter 4th month

Why Does It Take So Long For Real Labour After False Labour?

The labor length and experience are different for each and every individual. The duration of labor is difficult to tell but there are few factors that influence it very much. If someone is having shorter labor then it means that the woman has already delivered a baby previously so her body is in loose condition. So, the body adapts it as the labor pain she has suffered earlier.

If the size of the pelvis is small and narrow then you can have labored for a long time. If any old woman is pregnant that the labor lasts longer for them. But young women may have or may not have labored for a longer period. Also if the pregnant woman is overweight then it is being said that her labor will last longer be it real or false. So, accordingly, it is being adjusted and so the time period varies. Basically, if false labor can become adaptive in nature then real labor can be.


Real labor takes time to come as then after it you will be going to deliver childbirth. So, it’s not a second of work. False labor always indicates that now the real labor is going to start and get ready for it. The human body is going to prepare for real labor and childbirth so after false labor, real labor comes.


Obviously, it is clear that these cramps are pre-labor pain that lasts even for months. If women have immense pre-labor they have short active labor or real labor. The doctor tells that each pregnancy or we can say normal labor is different. Contractions which can be normal for few people can be normal for others. It is advised that you should consult your doctor for real labor and false labor as they only can give feedback.

As they check the cervix and monitors the contraction which the woman is suffering from. At an early period of time, the contraction feels like the pain of the periods. You can suffer from cramps or ache on the backside even you can also feel your tummy becoming heavy. The uncomfortableness starts. You also want to vomit sometimes after such pain.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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