How Long After FHA Loan Can I Sell (And Why)?

How Long After FHA Loan Can I Sell (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 90 to 100 Days

FHA which stands for Federal Housing administration insures mortgage loans, which are also known as FHA loans. According to Willow, in between the early to late 1930s as a part of the government’s response to foreclosures and defaults, FHA loans were first introduced and got implemented. It was mainly introduced by the US federation.

FHA loans allow individuals to own a home even when their financial situation and their credit score which decides their mortgage process might make it impossible, and that makes this kind of Loan unique. The government provides lenders with a layer of much safety and security, when a loan is insured by the FHA it looks that the borrowers should end up by making default on their mortgage.

How Long After FHA Loan Can I Sell

How Long After FHA Loan Can I Sell?

No. of days for mortgage loan90-100 days
Required credit score for loan500-600

Firstly, as this an FHA loan which can otherwise be stated as a mortgage loan taken basically for buying a home, so it needs a certain amount of time to get sold. People use it to their advantage. So they want to sell it as soon as they can or it is possible by them but the thing is that it can only be sold after some certain period of time. Since people make their own choice out of it that when they want to sell it!

A person interested in money-making wants it to be sold as quickly as possible. As there is a rule of FHA loans that the house which is financed by this mortgage loan can’t be sold at least not less 90 days to 100 days. And making this rule has its complications. This is because if people will have an advantage of selling it before. As then it would be difficult and more impossible for the lenders to recover the money they lend to persons.


But looking at the person’s credit score and financial situation they lend the loan, they can assume that although the person wants to sell the house the person can pay the loan off before selling. But people can also sell it after 100 and counting days if they want to only after paying off the loan. But all it states that you must not sell the house before 90 to 100 days. Because a person before selling must need this amount of time period to pay of the loan. Other than that, the credit score and financial situation too matters to pay it off. So it’s a strict rule that the house can’t be sold off before 90 to 100 days.

Why Can I Sell So Long After FHA Loan?

As the facts and figures stated above are just mere assumptions that how long after an FHA loan a house can be sold but the thing is we actually don’t know who wants to sell at what point in time. It’s a thing based on sheer profit. A profit-making person who has a fine credit score and much affordable financial condition can sell it with very ease after a minimum of 90 to 100 days. This because the person’s financial condition is too better that he/she can pay off the loan without any hesitance after a minimum of 90 to 100 days.

But if a person with a little less credit score and stable financial condition may take a bit more time to sell it off, as we can take a figure like that person may take nearly about 200 to 250 days to sell that house of mortgaged loan. He may take more basing how much he can pay off in what period of time. This is because all the persons aren’t of the same level or with the same financial condition. But still, they want to take advantage out of it. It may take a bit more to sell it still they will as they are in this business. So 200 to 250 days is a fine amount of period to deal with.


And then comes the common man from a certain section of society, who has an average credit score and financial stability. So with these people, the thing that comes with them that neither they are economically sound nor they are much interested in selling the house they bought through this loan. So it’s quite difficult to say that how long they will take to sell that house but the reason behind it is they prefer it as their only home. So it’s much difficult to make assumptions about them. But basically coming to the point, a person can sell it only after 90 to 100 days.


So at last FHA loans were more about doing a business, and people in it make it possible to sell after the passage of the period set by them. Until then, it’s the payback period. But sometimes people do wait for the right time to sell it, as in right time and the right price for the house to sell it!

But apart from this real estate matter, a person buying a house with this loan can as much time to sell it. It purely depends on the assumptions made.


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  1. This article is very informative, it details the history and purpose of FHA loans and how it affects the selling of a house. It’s great to finally understand these concepts.

    1. Absolutely, the information provided is clear and concise, and will be helpful to many potential home buyers.

  2. While the facts and figures provided are useful, the article could benefit from a more engaging style of writing. It feels a little dry.

    1. I see what you’re saying, but I think the author’s tone is appropriate for the subject matter. Sometimes a straightforward approach is best for conveying this type of information.

  3. Very well written explanation of FHA loans and the effect it may have on someone who wants to sell their house. The writer explains the requirements and the effects of selling before the specified time frame.

    1. I completely agree. The insight provided by the author makes it clear why the waiting period is necessary and why it benefits both borrower and lender.

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