How Long After Foundation Is Framing (And Why?)

How Long After Foundation Is Framing (And Why?)

Exact Answer: About seven days (a week) after foundation or 28 days to let the foundation get strong  

A concrete foundation is a foundation method that is followed to support the surface area of a building. There are three types of concrete foundations such as a basement, crawlspace, and concrete slab. Laying a strong foundation is the most essential step in building a house. Once the foundation is done, the building begins to get framed. Framing in simpler terms is designing your house before you begin work. Framing after foundation should take some time because you have to let the foundation concrete stay strong. The time frame varies from 3 to 9 days.    

How Long After Foundation Is Framing

How Long After Foundation Is Framing? 

Framing is like giving the building, a structure. It works as an outline that makes construction, a little easier to carry on. Once the framing gets done, you will be able to have an idea about the final output of your home.  

At about 28 days, the concrete is 75% strong. You should wait for the concrete to be strong and built enough to go ahead with framing, else the building is going to fall off. Test cylinders are a piece of equipment that checks the strength of the building. You have to use a test cylinder to check if your construction is strong enough for framing if you decide to not wait for 28 days.   

Type of Framing How Long do You Wait After Foundation?  
Wooden Slab As soon as the slab is fixed tightly  
Haunched Slab  24 hours  
Steel Erection 7 to 9 days  

If it is mesh made of wire or a haunched slab, you must wait for a day to frame as the concrete takes some time to strengthen. The waiting time is for the concrete to hold the surface tightly. In steel erection, you can begin work in about 7 days because workers use bolts to harden the steel. 

The conditions in which the building is constructed and the foundation is laid also play an important role in the time gap between foundation and framing. The building has to be exposed to air, which will evaporate the water in the pores.  

Why Should I Wait for So Long to do Framing After Foundation?  

The waiting for framing a construction site after the foundation is to let the building acquire its complete strength. After a period of 7 days, the building will have acquired 70% of its strength. By this time, it is okay to start framing. By the end of 28 days, a building will have its fullest strength. The waiting process helps us to secure the building’s strength. The main and vital step in building construction is framing which has to be done after waiting for a period after foundation as otherwise, the building will get weak very soon.  


To build a house, the foundation needs to have strength, once this strength is acquired from the foundation, the next step is framing. You need to wait, for the building to get its full strength. Framing, when done with heavy equipment might weaken the building or even cause it to fall or break down if it is done immediately after foundation. This doubles up the process and time. But if you use a foundation, that is highly strong in nature, you can begin framing on short notice as it has the power to endure e the weight that comes afterward. You have to make sure that you are not loading any weight before the concrete has the strength to endure it. After you make sure it has, you are good to go. 


Framing is done to make sure that it is strong enough to hold the weight that comes from the walls and roof. Framing should be done properly to ensure that your house doesn’t collapse. A building has to go through inspections to ensure that the framing is done right. Buildings that have weak foundations and framing are the ones most affected during natural calamities such as earthquakes. Choose the right type of framing depending on the metals or products used to build your home. Every small mistake that happens during the initial stages such as foundation and framing, can make a huge impact later on. So, it is important to do the framing right, to safeguard your dream home for a long time to come.  


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