How Long After HCG Drops Will I Bleed (And Why?)

Exact Answer: 8 Weeks

There are several medications available in the market at the medical shops for a person to get treated with and to eliminate any and every disease from their body which they might be suffering from. The disease which one is contracted with might get cured but one can experience a variety of problems when they are experiencing any kind of hormonal issues.

The disease which one is contracted with might get cured but one can experience a variety of problems when they are experiencing any kind of hormonal issues.

How Long After HCG Drops Will I Bleed

How Long After HCG Drops Will I Bleed?

ObjectiveTotal Time
Physically fit women4 Weeks
Women with a weak immune system8 Weeks

Certain women don’t experience any physical or mental difficulties while getting pregnant, but on the other end, some women face endless difficulties and complications to get pregnant even.

HCG drops are one of the solutions which can help one to eliminate the complications which one is experiencing while getting pregnant. HCG drops are sometimes a boon to those humans who are suffering through many complications from being pregnant. HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a kind of hormone which is produced during pregnancy inside the female body.

The scope of difficulties faced by some women and not faced by others is dependent on several factors, it can be a physical, mental, or emotional factor. It can be either of them.


According to the doctors, HCG is used mainly and mostly used to treat fertility or pregnancy issues. Although it has not been approved yet for over-the-counter use, nor the point has been validated that it works for weight loss. After 4 weeks of HCG drops generally, one is more likely to experience their first period, and the HCG levels of an individual return to zero.

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However, it is common for various women that they may experience a prolonged return to ovulation and menses which results in delayed periods of up to 8 weeks.

Why Will I Bleed So Long After HCG Drops?

HCG is a hormone that promotes the growth of those hormones which are essential for a pregnant woman. HCG is mainly a protein-based hormone is produced by the individual’s body during pregnancy. It helps in maintaining the production of imperative hormones which is necessary for the healthy growth of the fetus.

The hormones such as progesterone and other pregnancy hormones production are maintained by HCG. After the initial three months of pregnancy, the blood levels of HCG decrease in the body of the individual, and a decline in the blood level of HCG may cause several complications resulting in delayed or week growth of the fetus and some cases miscarriage even.

Several women bleed after 4 weeks of getting HCG drops, on the other end some women experience bleeding after 8 weeks of getting HCG drops, the variations in time depend on various factors such as weak immune system, hormonal disbalances, poor health, etc.


Sometimes, low HCG levels are the symptoms or indications of miscarriage, that women have had or will have. The decline in HCG level occurs when the body fails in developing a placenta, the HCG levels may be normal initially but eventually fail to rise. One of the most common signs one can experience when they had or are about to have a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding. It is essential to consult the doctor immediately.

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Pregnancy complications might turn out to be very painful and disappointing. HCG drops are one of the most recommended medications used during or before pregnancy.

It is very helpful in promoting the growth of the developing fetus inside the female body, resulting in safe and healthy delivery of the infant. It is not easily available medicine, one can not find it over-the-counter until and unless it has been prescribed to any individual. The HCG drops should be consumed at one’s own risk as it doesn’t give desirable results every time.



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