How Long After HCG Trigger Can I Test (And Why)?

How Long After HCG Trigger Can I Test (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 14 days after the shot  

A trigger shot is something that is used when you are involved in timed intercourse, in vitro fertilization, or intrauterine insemination. A trigger shot, though having many different names, contains the same thing which is human chorion gonadotropin, which is otherwise called HCG. Hcg is the pregnancy hormone. It is used to determine the presence of a growing child in your womb. The trigger shot is a kind of fertility treatment that’s being used widely these days. It triggers your ovaries if you do not ovulate or if you have “weak” ovulation.  

How Long After HCG Trigger Can I Test

 How Long After HCG Trigger Can I Test? 

When a trigger shot implantation is successful, you get a fertilized egg traveling to your uterus, which results in pregnancy. The whole process takes up to 6 to 12 days but the most suggested average is up to 10 days. Once you get a shot, you do not have to keep a check on your ovulation. You can assume your body is ready enough to fertilize an egg.  

After How Long do you take the Test? What Happens when you take the Test? 
Up to 10 days after the trigger shot You might get a false negative  
After 10 days The test will be reliable as the trigger gets away from your body 
Trigger Shot IUI

Your health care provider asks you to visit the clinic after a period of 2 weeks to get an accurate result. Even if you decide to take a home pregnancy test, do it after 15 days at least to not get disappointed by false positives. If you are going to take a home pregnancy test, wait for at least 20 days to get an accurate result. In case you are taking a blood test, you can go for it even after 11 days of implantation because blood tests can detect even the minute levels of HCG. If you are testing negative even after three weeks of implantation, you need to consult your fertility specialist.  

Why Does it Take So Long to Test after Trigger Shot?  

If you take a pregnancy test soon after a trigger shot, it may show that you are pregnant even when you are not as the shot contains HCG. You should wait to take a pregnancy test until you are advised to, by your doctor. It takes around 10 days to 2 weeks for the trigger shot to leave your body and therefore you will get a definite result only after that. A trigger test might make you feel like you are pregnant when you are really not. It triggers your pregnancy hormones.  

If you take a test every day and the line gets relatively lighter, it means that the HCG is getting out of your body. Along with knowing when to take a test, it is important to know when you ovulate so your pregnancy is successful. You ovulate 36 hours after the trigger shot, but for some, it may vary. It is best to not depend on an ovulation test kit as it gives out false results. Wait for 2 weeks for a trigger shot to work for real and take a blood test which is even more reliable than a urine test. The HCG trigger from the trigger shot will have reduced by that time and develop actual HCG levels in the body.  

IUI After Trigger Shot

The waiting time is for the remaining leftover pregnancy hormones from the implantation to leave the body. Taking a test even on the 13th day might give you a false positive. So it is best to wait for 2 weeks. 


Doctors do not suggest trigger shots or such implantations if you are capable of a healthy, natural pregnancy. The symptoms of successful implantation are implantation bleeding, sore breasts and so on which are the symptoms of any normal pregnancy. You do not have to worry if you don’t show any symptoms as only half of the women show them. Along with the trigger shot, your doctor may suggest other medicines such as progesterone supplements to make sure your implantation is successful. Listen to your doctor and follow the procedures as instructed to end being pregnant without any hassle and worry.  


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