How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 to 30 days

Weed is also known to many people by the name Marijuana or Cannabis. Consumption of weed and selling it is an illegal offense in many countries as it is used as a drug by young teenagers. Excess consumption of weed causes several health problems, and if anyone is caught selling or taking it, the person might face imprisonment. 

The problem lies in medical research on weed. Legal drug control authorities consider weed as a severe drug equal to heroin. This limits the research opportunities on this herb.

how long does weed stay in the body

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

Conditions Time Taken
Weed can stay in your system1 to 30 days
Weed show up in drug test (urine test)7 to 21 days

If a person inhales weed through the nose, it enters their lungs. It reaches their bloodstream and finally makes its way into the brain and other organs. The urine test is the most common test to find out if someone has smoked weed. 

There are several different tests, such as hair tests and blood tests. In urine tests, the possibility that traces could be found in a person depends on the intake capacity. A person could test positive for a few days if they are an average weed-consuming person. 

It may vary in the case of a person who frequently takes weed, and they could test positive even after a week. A highly addicted person may test positive even after a month of taking weed.


In the case of hair tests, it’s mostly not for light users who are normal weed intakers, according to some studies. A person undergoing a hair test could test positive even after 90 days. In blood tests, the time frame may limit to 36 hours, and saliva tests may show results up to nearly 35 hours.

Weed has both negative and positive effects, but the adverse effects are the ones primarily recognizable. Many countries have strict laws related to the usage of marijuana, many nations make it next to impossible to smoke weed, and some countries have made marijuana a normal thing. The medicinal benefits of this herb can only be tested in-depth where the laws are less strict and proper technology is available for testing.

Why Does Weed Stay For So Long In Your System?

The presence of weed in the human system highly depends on the type of user you are. For a regular user, the period s short, but for chronically addicted people, the period increases. A foreign substance, when entering the human body, takes some time to get dissolved in the bloodstream. 

The same is for marijuana and other types of weed. THC is an active chemical substance present in weed. The THC gets absorbed by the bloodstream of the human.

The Liver breaks down THC, but some amount of it may get stored in organs temporarily. Again it depends on the amount as human organs are also machines and have a limited capacity to process substances. The marijuana trade as well sale of marijuana is highly restricted due to restrictions by different governments and drug testing agencies, and labs. 

These are the reasons why smuggling and illegal sale of weed are increasing in the international market by mafias and drug dealers. Many people who take weed try to escape the narco test procedure by using detoxification kits. These kits don’t help much in passing those tests as it doesn’t speed up the metabolism process much. 


Typically the THC gets eliminated through urine and stool. Even some require drinking a lot of water so that the chemicals get diluted and pass away with urine. Masking methods are also used to cheat the testing process, but nothing works in this case and may harm a person due to the presence of harmful chemicals in detox kits.


Due to trade restrictions and legal procedures, the transportation of this drug is a tricky thing. Weed destroys the lives of several youngsters who don’t know its usage and end up getting addicted to it. 

Awareness of the use of marijuana is necessary as it’s not a thing to be hidden from people. After all, if we don’t educate people about it, it may destroy more lives than it could save as medicine.


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