How Long After Highlights Can I Get Keratin (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 weeks

Today, as fashion dominated the world in all types, it has completely transformed how we look, dress, and wear.

As the technology applicable for fashion increased, many components have also increased; one of the most common is the highlights referred to completely changing the hair colour.

Many people desire to permanently or temporarily change their hair colour so, this can be made possible using chemicals and dye, and the whole process is called highlights.

People prefer getting keratin treatment to cure the dryness and damage using proteins to treat the hair damage after the hair colour as the scalp soaks in the chemicals.

How Long After Highlights can I get Keratin

How Long After Highlights Can I Get Keratin?

Both the highlights and the Keratin are different, and the procedure is also way different for both. The highlight or the foiling highlights start with choosing the desired hair colour like blonde, red, black, and many more.

After that, the stylist sections the hair into small sections. A typical hair can be divided into a minimum of 20 sections depending upon the size and texture.

The styles cut small pieces of the foil combs the hair over to the foil, and then the colour of dye is applied using a brush, and then the foils are closed. The whole process is repeated until all the sections are completed.

After a few hours of application, the hair is washed, and the differences are noticeable. The keratin treatment starts with cleaning the hair or a dense and proper shampoo to remove all the dirt and oil in the scalp.

Second, the treatment or the keratin products are adequately managed into the hair and scalp. The idea revolves around introducing proteins to the head to overcome the damage after the dye or the chemical treatment and the keratin site in the hair for the next 30 to 60 minutes.

Then the hair is only rinsed with lukewarm water to remove any excess product, so the styling takes appropriately, and the hair is blow-dried as heat fastens the process, and the next waiting session starts.

Last, the hair is washed correctly using shampoo and conditioner, and the results are noticeable.

Scalp ConditionsTime Window
Dry7 days
Oily10 days
Normal14 days

Why Does it Take So Long to Keratin After the Highlights?

The time window between each process is critical for the results to show and take place, and the time depends upon the hair length and the scalp conditions.

The length plays a very dominating role before getting the keratin treatment as the hair length is more, more hair colour is required to cover the head; therefore, more treatment is introduced in the scalp.

So, to treat the hair and before the chemicals ruin the scalp, keratin takes place within a brief period, but for short hair, the chemicals are less; therefore, time window is more.

Scalp conditions are also critical. There are three types of the scalp: dry, oily, and routine.

The time depends upon the conditions. If the scalp is dry, then the keratin should take place within the shortest window time as the highlights already make the scalp dry, which can worsen the conditions.

An oily scalp can wait, and the window between them is more than the dry scalp as the oil in the scalp can protect the scalp from the chemicals, but the person requires keratin to avoid dryness.

An average scalp that is neither dry nor oily and is healthy has the most extended time window as the chemicals may not affect and cause dryness. Still, keratin is essential as the introduction of protein can make the scalp stronger and better.


The fashion industry has become a dominating industry and can transform anything into whatever they want.

One of them is highlights and keratin treatment. Highlights are referred to changing the hair colour using the dye and the number of chemicals that can change the colour temporally or entirely.

Keratin is the treatment that takes place after the highlights as keratin treatment introduces protein in the scalp. After the highlights, the scalp becomes dry and to overcome the chemicals treating it with protein is essential.

The time window between both depends upon majorly two factors: the length of hair and the scalp condition.


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