How Long After Keratin Treatment To Wash Hair (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Days

It is important to have a healthy diet to stay fit. Exercising daily is also important. There are a lot of ways in which people can lead a healthy life. Other than a healthy life, it is also important to be clean and tidy. Applying shampoo and soap, wearing neat and ironed clothes, polished shoes, etc., make a person look proper. There are also other ways to a cleansing different body. For example, manicures and pedicures are done on the toes to make them look good.

Other than shampoo and hair oil, there are other methods to have good hair growth. One of them is Keratin Treatment. Keratin Treatment is a long procedure that may take hours to complete. It has milk proteins and other vital nutrients which are good for the hair. After applying a Keratin Treatment it takes at least three days before the person can use shampoo on his or her hair again.

How Long After Keratin Treatment To Wash Hair

How Long After Keratin Treatment To Wash Hair?

Keratin Treatment3 To 4 Hours
Shampoo After Keratin Treatment3 Days

As mentioned above, it takes three or more days to apply shampoo after a Keratin Treatment. Every good thing takes time to settle down. After the Keratin Treatment, it takes time for the nutrients to settle down for the hair to look perfect. So it is advised by the experts to take a three-day gap before applying shampoo, as it may wash off the treatment before the process is even complete.

Keratin Treatment is a chemical treatment that smoothens and shines hair. The treatment can last for a time of six months and after that, another treatment might be required. Brazillian Blowout, Cezanne, and Goldwell Kerasilk are a few of the versions of the Keratin Treatment. The treatment time mainly depends on the hairstylist, the method used by him, the length of the hair, and the texture of the hair.


During the treatment, the hairstylist first washes the hair with a shampoo, but the use of a conditioner is avoided. When the hair becomes almost dry, the treatment is applied in bits. Then the dry blower is used. After that, the hair is rinsed with shampoo almost five to six times. Next, the keratin serum is applied to the hair. Lastly, after applying the keratin serum, the hair will be dried with a blower.

The three-day gap will also be mentioned by the hairstylist upon completing the treatment. The minimum time is three days and applying shampoo beforehand will only lead to incomplete Keratin Treatment.

Why Does it Take Long To Wash Hair After Keratin Treatment?

Washing of hair will stop the process midway which may be harmful to the hair. With pollution levels increasing day by day, many people are experiencing hair fall at an alarming rate. It is natural for them to take care of their hair. Keratin Treatment is also a way of protecting hair from falling. So it is important to wait and abide by the rules and let the treatment complete without intervening.

The three-day time is not much compared to other things and instead of a shower, a bucket of water will be more preferable for having a bath as it reduces the chances of making the hair wet. While the Keratin Treatment is still ongoing, the person may see flakes falling on his or her shoulders. The flakes are not dandruff, but the residue of the treatment. It completely disappears after washing the hair.

Even though Keratin Treatment is a chemical process, it is different from chemical relaxers. The effects of the treatment wear out after a few months but the effect of the chemical relaxers effect stay permanently. The chemical relaxers use lithium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, etc., which are harmful to the hair and may result in permanent damage.


Keratin Treatments are expensive. But it can also be done at home. The results will not be the same as salon Keratin Treatment. For the treatment to be performed at home, it is important to buy the right products. Even if someone colored their hair, it is still possible to have a Keratin Treatment.


Keratin Treatment is good for the hair. The hairs are made up of keratin proteins. But it is also important to check the weather, the treatment uses formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and is not good for the hair. Even if the level of formaldehyde is low, it is better to avoid it and go for formaldehyde-free Keratin Treatment. It may not be long-lasting but it is a lot safer this way.

Having the treatment is good but maintaining it, is also important. The rules that are given must be followed and the three-day gap is a must. But too much gap also should be avoided.



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