How Long After Keratin Treatment To Dye Hair (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 Days

Women are accustomed to carrying out several tasks at the same time. Similar happens when it comes to their own body or hair. We all want to look beautiful in the blink of an eye. While stepping into the salon, we wish that we come out more beautiful.
But Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your salon can do no magic in one day. Hair is adorned and embellished by women. Hence, they experiment a lot with them. Before undergoing keratin and dye treatment for your hair, it’s important to understand what they mean. And then you would be able to understand the time gap required between both of the processes.

How Long After Keratin Treatment To Dye Hair

How Long After Keratin Treatment To Dye Hair?

After 2 daysAfter 2 weeks
Partial frizz in hairSmooth and healthy hair
Keratin pigments eliminationKeratin proteins absorbed
Uneven ColorEven color
The difference in 2 days vs 2 weeks dyeing after keratin

A keratin treatment is a chemical treatment that makes your frizzy hair smooth and shiny. These treatments are meant to make your hair healthy and happy. An essential protein pigment called keratin, swoop into the hair follicle and nourish porous areas. Whereas the process of dye can be understood as hair coloring, done to cover grey or white hair.
Once, you’re done with the Keratin treatment you should wait for another two weeks before dying your hair. This can be apprehended by knowing that how dye works on your hair.

The market is flooded with a number of hair dyes. But all these hair dyes consist of two key ingredients that enable the process of hair coloring.One of them is Hydrogen peroxide, which softens the cuticle of the hair to allow the dissolving of the natural hair color. And the second one is Ammonia that opens the cuticles of the hair to let the flow of new color be injected into the hair. Wanting perfect hair is no wrong, but pouring too many processes together may harm your hair. Once you’re done with Keratin treatment you should wait for at least two weeks before dying.

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Keratin treatment is done to make your hair smooth and it leaves fine layers of proteins on your hair even after several washes. The protein is good for your hair and it should be given enough time to be absorbed by your hair follicles. It will not only give strength to your hair but also will let your dye stay longer.

Why Should You Dye Your Hair After 20 Days of Keratin?

Salon worthy hair needs patience. After undergoing a keratin treatment, one should wait for the next twenty days to dye their hair. As discussed in the above paragraph, keratin is a blend of two prominent chemicals and they need time to settle in your hair. They will need time to absorb the pigments and give good results. The purpose of Keratin is to make your hair look smoother and shinier. It surrounds your hair follicles and makes them strong.

This could be reflected only if you give extra care and allow the protein pigments to settle and work on the follicles for a good amount of time. For this effortless process, there should be no obstruction that might prevent the pigments to penetrate the hair. The dye is just like another layer to your hair that will cover up the greys with another chemical.

The dye will affect the impact of keratin and will accumulate over the keratin pigments. It is advisable to go for dye after two weeks so that both the processes have sufficient time to settle in. At this stage, if you disturb the process with external chemicals like dyes you will end up with frizzy, uneven hair. Moreover, the color will just deposit on the top of the hair and won’t give you a desirable outcome. Your hair might end up looking like a dyed bundle of fabric. It would result in wastage of efforts and money and not forget, undeniably bad hair. It would be therefore safe to dye your hair after two weeks of keratin.

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Comprehending the precedent grounds about keratin and hair dye, it should be considered that hair dyes work effectively only after two weeks of keratin treatment. The undeniable fact that levying numerous procedures at the same time will end up in besmirched hair. The gist of the overall reasoning is both processes need time to cajole into your hair. They will require effort and care in their ways to work miraculously on your hair. There should be no haste in carrying out the procedures and hence it is always safe to use hair dyes after an ample time of two weeks following the keratin treatment.


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