How Long Does It Take For HIIT Results (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take For HIIT Results (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After Four Weeks

Human being living beings will perish after a course of time. Some people have shorter lives than others. Often the lifespan of an individual depends on destiny. But with growing changes in the world, a lot of factors affect human health.

In these conditions, it becomes imminent to take care of one’s health and well-being. There are multiple ways in which a person can maintain their health. Thus they can have a long and healthy life. People opt for dieting or exercise to stay fit and healthy.

One such example is HIIT. HIIT is very famous because it bears results in months.

How Long Does It Take For HIIT Results

How Long Does It Take For HIIT Results?

Amongst the various exercise techniques and strategies that are possible, one of the most famous is HIIT. HIIT is the short form for High-intensity interval training. It is a form of cardiovascular exercise where intense exercises get done alternately.

The recovery period in HIIT is far less. Until and unless the person is too exhausted to continue, the HIIT keeps going on. In the start, HIIT got conceptualized to last for 20 minutes, where there would be 10 seconds off. There are a few changes concerning the duration of a single HIIT session but, a single session cannot exceed 30 minutes.

HIIT focuses on cardio exercise, but it can include other workout regimes, like weights and more. Since the workout regime in HIIT is so intense, it is known to bear results faster than any other form of workout. Exercise is known to help burn calories while the session is in process, but with HIIT, the calories keep burning post-workout session too.

The result will eventually depend on the intensity of the workout done and how long it gets done. If done continuously with a proper regime, the results are visible after just about four weeks. The period in which the results come through can increase or decrease depending upon many factors like the diet, the exercises done, and a lot more.

Type of ExcerciseVisibility of results
High-Intensity Interval TrainingAfter Four Weeks
Other Forms of ExerciseMinimum Eight Weeks

Why Does It Take That Long For HIIT Results?

Be it weight gain or weight loss – it takes time. It is a fact that it is easier to gain weight than to lose it. The main reason is that once the fats get accumulated, it is difficult to lose all that fat.

A different form of exercise will give out a varied type of result. Some workouts are such that it takes a long time to shed all the extra weight. While some workouts like the HIIT are intense and hence, the results can be visible faster. Many other factors will determine how speedily the results are visible after HIIT, and they are as follows:

  • The first reason for determining the outcome period is how much a person puts in the time. The maximum time for which HIIT gets done is for 30 minutes. But a person can do it for less time too. The more time for which the person works out, the faster the results.
  • Another major factor is a person’s metabolism rate. If someone’s metabolism rate is high, the faster they tend to lose weight and get back in shape. On the contrary, if someone’s metabolism is low, it will take extra time to lose the accumulated weight.
  • Not every person can endure a heavy-duty workout session. In cases like that, it might take longer to lose that weight and will take more time. But if the person can handle an intense workout, then the fat loss can happen in less time.


Working out might seem easy, but it takes a lot of effort and determination to get things in order while working out. Apart from that, since HIIT is very challenging, a person needs to be mentally prepared for the sessions.

HIIT is a sure-shot way to lose weight and get back in shape. It takes lesser time and gives impressionable results in just about a month. The session can get decided as per the person’s capabilities and strengths. It will not help in losing weight but will also help in increasing strength.


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