How Long After HGH Can I Eat (And Why)?

How Long After HGH Can I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One Hour

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, and it is also popularly known by the medical name Somatotropin. Normally, this hormone is known as Growth hormone, but it is known as HGH when it is in its human form. This hormone is essential for the body, and its deficiency can prove harmful to an individual.

The main purpose of this hormone is that it helps in cell production along with cell multiplication in the human body. This hormone is also found in good quantities in animals. Apart from this, the other purposes of this hormone are that it helps in stimulating growth and is also vital for the reproduction of cell-cell in a person’s body.

How Long After HGH Can I Eat

How Long After HGH Can I Eat?

There are two types of growth hormones that are very commonly observed. One is the expected growth hormone, and it is denoted by the symbol GH1. The other is the placental growth hormone, and medical experts have given the symbol GH2 to this hormone. Somatropin is a prevalent drug that primarily contains HGH in its composition, and it is used for treating children or, in some cases, adults who have growth disorders. Adults don’t have growth disorders, but there may be a deficiency in their bodies’ growth hormones. In those cases, this drug is given to them.

Apart from these uses, HGH is used by many sportspeople as an anabolic agent as it gives them more strength and it ensures that they don’t feel tired and weak while playing their favorite sport. However, it is to be noted that this medicine is not available in all the medical counters and can not be bought without a prescription. Therefore, a medical expert must prescribe this medicine, and then there are only a few medical pharmacies that have this drug, and it can be purchased from there itself.

Human Growth Hormone
EventsInformation Regarding The Events
Time after HGH to eatOne hour
Best time to take HGHBefore going to sleep

It is advised to maintain a gap of one hour between taking HGH and eating. However, if possible, take HGH before sleeping as it has been observed that it is the best time to take HGH, and it also works the most effective in this period.

Why Does It Take That Long After HGH To Eat?

The technology used in producing HGH is recombinant DNA technology. The generic name that has been given by the INN is somatropin. It is also prevalent by the brand name Humatrope. It was invented in 1992, and after its invention, sportsperson started consuming it because of its benefits. But now, this drug has been banned and is labeled as a doping agent. If a sportsperson is found to take these drugs, it can lead to the player’s suspension from the game. However, it is good for use in general cases.

The stimulators of HGH contain many hormones, which can be noticed by their secretion. The drug-containing HGH is also known to increase various sex hormones such as Testosterone in males and estrogen in females. However, a medical expert’s dosage must be discussed and then should be taken accordingly. Otherwise, overdosage can increase the levels of the hormones rapidly, which can be really harmful to a person.


It takes that long after HGH to eat because the drug needs to be properly absorbed by the body, and if the stomach is not empty, that might not be possible. Also, it is to be noted that after the food enters the stomach, the body starts digesting it. If both the drug and food are taken together, it might slow down the absorption and digestion process. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure a proper time gap between HGH and food.


Finally, it can be concluded that HGH is a shorthand for Human Growth Hormone and is knowns as Growth Hormone in more general terms. It is found in humans and animals, and the main purpose of this hormone is to work on cell reproduction and multiplication. Deficiency of this hormone is also observed commonly in children and some adults as well.

On average, it is advised to maintain a time gap of one hour after taking HGH before eating. The main reason behind this is the proper absorption of the hormone in our stomach. If this doesn’t happen, then taking the drug is of no use. It is imperative to contact a medical expert in case of any discomfort or problems.


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